Secret lives of AT-ATs

FIickr's NickIsConfused has a great set showing the secret lives of Star Wars AT-ATs, reminding us that these adorable little critters aren't just for Xmas.

AT-ATs: not just for xmas

Update: Bonnie sez, "I interviewed the photographer over on the Blog last week"


  1. I saw this a while ago on gizmodo or engadget can’t remember but instantly made this my desktop background and then looked on ebay for how much these at-at models are… they run about $40-$70.

    I’m sure my cat would love it just as much.

  2. Most of these shots are phenomenal. So much character!

    Make sure to spray him/her down with Snow Speeder Off, though. Rebels are pretty active in those colder locales.

  3. Please, have your AT-AT’s spayed or neutered. If you do not know how to sex your AT-AT please see your nearest Empire veterinarian.

    Bob Barker

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