The Godlike Genius of Julia Davis

Although I mentioned her in a previous post about "Jam," actress/writer Julia Davis deserves her own BB post, as I, in my office as "current Boing Boing guest blogger," do hereby decree...
Best known as the creator of "Nighty Night," Julia Davis's sense of humor is bleak, black and thoroughly uncomfortable. Although the New York Times described her series as "an English 'Curb Your Enthusiasm," Davis is willing to take far greater risks than Larry David ever would. David, at the end of the day still wants you to LIKE him, but Julia Davis, in her career-defining role as monstrously selfish beautician Jill Tyrell most definitely doesn't give a shit what you think about her! Inspired by Mike Leigh's classic teleplay "Abigail's Party," the plot of "Nighty Night" involves Jill's husband, Terry, being diagnosed with cancer. Although his prognosis isn't terminal, Jill behaves as if it is, and even tries to hasten his not-so-impending death with laxatives and prune juice, so she can get on with HER new life! With Terry held prisoner in the attic, Jill turns her amorous attentions to Don, a doctor who has just moved next door with his wheelchair-bound wife, Cathy. Here is their first meeting. Jill dances to the song "Lavender" by Marillion(!): Although "Nighty Night" did air on the Oxygen network, few Americans are aware of this groundbreaking, darkly comedic creation. You can get it on Amazon and Netflix has it for rental. Check it out, it's brilliant stuff from a unique comic mind (PS Speaking of unique comic minds, Julia Davis is the new mother of twins and the father is Julian Barrett from The Mighty Boosh!) Nighty Night (BBC site) Will "Nighty Night" change the sitcom forever? Turning Glenn down (YouTube) Julia Davis interview: 'I am drawn to extremes' "Let's talk to the Tarot..." (YouTube) "Injure for Friends" (HD YouTube clip from "Jam") A lonely woman goes to great lengths to make friends. 'Comedy is a safe place to let go' "Human Remains" Wikipedia entry on the six-part BBC mockumentary series on marriage by Julia Davis and Rob Bryden AD/BC: A Rock Opera (YouTube) Julia Davis & Matt Berry sing