Daily Wire host calls for life in prison — "at least" — for parents who choose surrogacy (video)

Abortion, IVF, and contraception aren't the only reproductive freedoms on the GOP chopping block. Apparently, according to the Daily Wire's Michael Knowles, anyone involved with surrogacy should get life in prison — "at least."

"Every single adult involved…should be imprisoned for life — at least," said the avid Trump supporter and former podcast co-host with Ted Cruz. Of course, when it comes to incarceration, there's only one option that comes after "at least."

"That's just the natural reaction one has to this grave, grave child abuse," continued Knowles, whose own reaction was to laugh when he heard about Uganda's anti-LGBTQ bill that included the death penalty. "Everyone involved is gravely, gravely evil… [including] the egg donor [and] the people purchasing the child." (See video below, posted by Biden-Harris HQ.)

Wow, the MAGA maniacs are salivating over "Project 2025." And they are so hellbent on carving away all reproductive and parenthood rights, they can't even wait until November to show all their cards — or their knives, as it were. With all their ducks in a row, the only thing left to line up is adoption, and no doubt they will come for that next.

From Meidas Touch Network:

This is not the first time Knowles has expressed controversial views on reproductive rights. He has previously labeled in vitro fertilization (IVF) as "immoral" and likened it to rape and sexual assault.

His consistent stance against reproductive freedom and his desire to imprison anyone who does not adhere to his extremist beliefs aligns with his broader ideology, which is a major part of Donald Trump and the Republican Party's "Project 2025" plan to restrict reproductive rights nationwide if Trump were to win the 2024 election.