Free remarkable short sf from Paolo Bacigalupi

Juliana sez, "Think Galactic, a Chicago-based reading group, is proud to announce that this month they're reading three stories from from Pump Six and Other Stories by Paolo Bacigalupi. When asked nicely, Bacigalupi and Night Shade Books created a free PDF download of the stories available for book group members and random interwebs denizens to enjoy! The three stories incude the Hugo nominee 'Yellow Card Man,' and the Sturgeon Award-winning story 'The Calorie Man.' Think Galactic, which seeks to engage with speculative fiction from a radical left perspective, is hosting the file on their website, and hosting a convention in Chicago this June. They're ecstatic that Bacigalupi and Night Shade Books are giving people a chance to taste cutting-edge works that Kelly Link describes as, 'Ferocious, intelligent, and precisely rendered, these stories include some of my favorite contes cruels and cautionary tales for the twenty-first century. Paolo Bacigalupi is clearly the fifth rider of the apocalypse - you know, the one who writes science fiction in his spare time.'"

PDF Link

Pump Six and Other Stories by Paolo Bacigalupi (Thanks, Juliana!)


  1. The rest of Think Galactic’s stuff is here.

    Thanks so much for linking, Boingboing – we think Paolo rocks!

  2. This is a great service to us denizens of the interwebs! Think Galactic wins at sci-fi, provoking intelligent discussion, and putting on interesting conventions.

  3. Anyone with even the vaguest interest in SF or futurism needs to read Bacigalupi. His Hugo-nominated “The Gambler” is also available for free online.

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