Baseball card collage art


Artist Pat Riot launched his website, Popular Vulture, featuring a wonderful gallery of collage art baseball cards.


  1. These cards are awesome. Nice work. Hand cut, no less…

    And that Dave LaRouche, a.k.a the human Ritz cracker, threw a mean splitter back in the day.

  2. I cannot imagine doing this to my collections…but the players he’s “updated” aren’t exactly blue chips.

    I like that someone had the idea for this. I clicked over immediately from the Twitter post about this when I saw “baseball cards” and “art”.

    How could I not?

  3. Hmm…

    I wonder what this does to the monetary value of these cards.
    Do they become more collectable or less collectable?

  4. the players he’s “updated” aren’t exactly blue chips.

    Well, some people think Edgar Martinez deserves a spot in the Hall, but I think Frank Thomas beats him by just about any reasonable metric.

  5. Bottom right is swiped from an old eightball comic, a strip about looking for inspiration which makes it quite ironic.

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