Baseball card collage art


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  1. dcell says:

    cool site he’s got. i just started a flickr group for baseball cards with players wearing glasses…will be expanding to afros, facial hair, jewelry, etc in the future!

  2. WarEagle says:


  3. therevengor says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    These cards are awesome. Nice work. Hand cut, no less…

    And that Dave LaRouche, a.k.a the human Ritz cracker, threw a mean splitter back in the day.

  5. WarEagle says:


  6. phogtom says:

    I cannot imagine doing this to my collections…but the players he’s “updated” aren’t exactly blue chips.

    I like that someone had the idea for this. I clicked over immediately from the Twitter post about this when I saw “baseball cards” and “art”.

    How could I not?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bottom right is swiped from an old eightball comic, a strip about looking for inspiration which makes it quite ironic.

  8. EeyoreX says:


    I wonder what this does to the monetary value of these cards.
    Do they become more collectable or less collectable?

  9. Ian70 says:

    Um… no.

  10. adamnvillani says:

    the players he’s “updated” aren’t exactly blue chips.

    Well, some people think Edgar Martinez deserves a spot in the Hall, but I think Frank Thomas beats him by just about any reasonable metric.

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