Funny prank by artist / cabinet maker Lucas Murgida

Lucas Murgida at 667 Shotwell from Chris Sollars on Vimeo.

Wonderful short documentary about artist / cabinet maker Lucas Murgida. He talks about some of the fun things he's done with the furniture he's made. For instance, he once made a cabinet and placed it on the sidewalk and hid in it. His goal was to remain hidden until the cabinet was moved from the public space to a private space. He also set up a unique locksmithing class.

Lucas Murgida at 667 Shotwell


  1. The multiple-knob door that opens in the opposite arc was really interesting. I’d love to install something like that somewhere with a webcam trained on it, just to see how people interact with it.

  2. That cabinet-prank sure went awry, probably would have worked better at a different time of the day, like early evening when people are going home. The whole “punchline” of it is lost if people don’t see you actually emerge from the cabinet (restaurant was a definite pickle– he can’t take his cabinet back out of the restaurant, they’d accuse him of theft.)

  3. Seems like he’s living a tangent of Albert Markovski’s life in I Heart Huckabees.

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