Tables with tentacles

These lovely, betentacled tables were designed by Chul An Kwak, a Korean designer who exhibited them back in 2007 at the Seoul Design Week.

Chul An Kwak at Seoul Design Week 2007 (via Neatorama)


  1. Not shown: version where table is molesting a busty woman in a schoolgirl uniform.

  2. The long table doesn’t look very sturdy to me, but I guess it is.

    Fun gift for a marine biologist or a Cthulu fan or to play AD&D on…

  3. Adding to the list of potential gift recipients:

    This would be a super present for somebody with a young child. This is just the kind of furniture that is so effective in a young person’s room. The greatest effect is right after bedtime, when the room is mostly dark (but with a bit of light from under the door or from a nearby street light).

    As a kid I paid plenty of attention at night to things like (a) a shirt hanging from a chair, (b) my Bozo the Clown stand-up punching balloon, and (c) my bedside lamp with a porcelain base in the shape of a snarling lion.

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