Keni Lee Burgess plays "Baby Please Don't Go" on his cigar box guitar

Keni Lee Burgess plays Muddy Water's "Baby Please Don't Go" on his cigar box guitar.

And here's Burgess' MySpace page with streaming music.

(Via Cigar Box Nation)


  1. well, (as with many blues songs), the origins of the true author are cloudy at best. as such; most would attribute this song to Big Joe Williams, at least in so far as his was the first known recording of it. Flavin’.

  2. He has a very good version of Robert Johnson’s “Cross Road Blues” done on a bigger cigarbox guitar on YouTube.

  3. Ive chatted with kenny lee a few times, I make my own cigar box guitars too and play them but not quite as well. There really is something to be said about playing a fine instrument that you built from crap. Even have a few electric cigar box guitars, loads of fun for the kiddies.

  4. The attribution is correct. The arrangement of the song he’s playing is based on Muddy Waters’ version of the song, not Big Joe Williams’.

  5. Seconding the correction of the attribute from Muddy Waters to Big Joe Williams from down in Crawford, MS (gawd, lord, he must have sold a million).

  6. Big Joe said “Huh! He tried.”

    I’m from the same town as Webb, except there everyone calls him “John.”

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