Anti-slacker/pro-maker tee


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  1. webmonkees says:

    Online automatic t-shirt printing is killing the DIY silkscreen industry.

    Convenient, though.. Wait, that’s slackery!

  2. mdh says:

    I was going to make a shirt like that…

  3. StRevAlex says:

    DIY is killing the Slack Industry.

  4. Daemon says:

    Everything is killing the apathy industry… but who cares?

  5. Takuan says:


  6. nosehat says:

    Slackers are very easy (and abundantly safe) to ignore.

    I just returned from the SF Maker Faire 2009, and I can report that “DIY” is still going strong. =D

  7. Anonymous says:

    It used to be we would make fun of the Russians for fetishizing World War II — which we perceived to be a long time ago, even back then — and we’d make fun of the Japanese for working too hard.

    Now we are the militaristic workaholics, living simultaneously in a distant past of homicidal glory and a vague future of fabulous wealth. Or cool points, or whatever it is we’re supposed to be accumulating instead because wealth is tacky.

    You can’t even walk outside in the daytime without encountering a high slack vacuum. It’s enough to make your eyeballs boil or your guts explode or whatever it is that’s supposed to kill you in space in the movies.

    Even at night Americans are now working too hard at relaxing. Something is very broken.

  8. avraamov says:

    yeh, idle ‘helping hands’ are the devil’s playthings.

    is that t-shirt made from goat’s hair?

  9. ThreeFJeff says:

    Per the doctrines of the Subgenius, Making is one of the most potent methods for me to attain slack. What then?

  10. Anonymous says:

    You’re all sentenced to sit through an entire Richard Linklater film festival.

  11. Smiiiiiice says:

    monochromatic, polysyllabic squirts….

  12. tartar says:

    I like it… double-irony deluxe.

  13. weatherman says:

    Makers are harshing my slacker buzz.

  14. Beanolini says:

    ‘DIY industry’? Like Home Depot, Lowes, B&Q etc? The sooner they’re killed, the better.

    Bricolage, on the other hand, is well worth saving.

  15. FutureNerd says:

    Cliches are failing to kill the cliche industry. Why why why why y y y y yyyyyyyy NOT irony, not double- not single-entendre, random text substitution, nolo contendere. Industry is creeping into my slack, Kill It Yourself, killing it softly with this 100% cotton TV-neck neck and neck we are standing men’s x x Xtra large for the Maker Ethic in thE thick, in Stereo o O the inhumanity to mens, thank you.

  16. dwdyer says:

    “Give Me Slack or KILL ME!”

  17. Halloween Jack says:

    Calling DIY an “industry” is not a terribly good idea.

  18. Keneke says:

    Gen X ain’t dead yet, you productive little whippersnappers.

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