Portland's Pedalpalooza includes an XKCD bike ride

Theo sez, "Pedalpalooza is 2+ weeks of open-source bike rides in Portland, Oregon starting on June 11th and ending June 27th. Rides are created, posted to the calendar, and lead by anyone. One of my rides is the XKCD ride, for which I will be dressed as Cory Doctorow; thought readers might find that funny."

Other rides include: chocolate ride, noobs on unicycles, yoga for cyclists, naked bike ride, surprise bike wedding, homeless hotspots bike tour, tour de goats, old French bikes, pun-ishment ride, trek-tosterone ride, pretty panty ride, dead freeways ride, unimproved road ride, Sisyphean cruller crawl, pedal powered pajama party, etc etc etc.

Pedalpalooza (Thanks, Theo!)


  1. Portland is a great city for bikes or just walking. I live in Eugene, OR which is sort of like Portland-lite as in “Same homeless population/no cool architecture.”

  2. Aww, you don’t know what a quotation mark means, and yet you feel qualified to make world-readable statements on the Internet. How troubling.

  3. Okay, I cannot be the only one that while glancing at the title read it as “Pedopalooza”, right?

  4. Stickystyle, I too read it that way and did a double-take. Oops. I love and miss Portland so much!

  5. I’m very disappointed to find out that the “Trektosterone” ride is for owners of Trek bikes and not Trekkies.

  6. Sweet! I just so happen to live in Portland, be an xkcd fan, and own a red cape. That last one is going with me on the naked bike ride.

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