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  1. eyeruh says:

    The article on the Amish neglects to mention all the money that comes in from their puppy-mills. There is well-documented evidence of the horrific cruelty that goes on at these “establishments”.

    The Amish may be frugal but they’re sure as hell not my role models.

  2. Ian70 says:

    Remember: be careful what you put your Dinkin.

  3. jay radical says:

    The ’25 Traits’ article is judgmental and self-righteous. I can see the validity in some of the reported traits, but others just seem to be an excuse to talk about all the things that poor people could do to be not poor.

  4. heyfred says:

    Sorry Mark, aren’t you the one who offers money advice but didn’t know until two months ago that wasn’t free? As boring and unlikeable as he may be, I’d still follow Clark Howard’s advice over anyone.

  5. Aloisius says:

    The checksumming method is pretty nifty, but I can’t imagine trying to explain it to my credit card company. :)

  6. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    I guess you should still save your receipts, but it makes it easier to check your statement.

  7. leslieanderson81 says:

    Yeah, I’m in a bad habit of tossing my receipts, too. I should really hold on to them. Would definitely make it a heck of a lot easier!

  8. StRevAlex says:

    Robert Dinkin loves those Stones.

  9. sammich says:

    I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to equate the “not-so-well-to-do” with those in debt…

    Plenty of us “not-so-well-to-do” avoid debt pretty stringently – we know we can’t afford it…

  10. Stefan Jones says:

    Nice pieces, Mark.

    Some of the “25 traits” are certainly causes of financial misery, but others seem closer to symptoms.

  11. Pantograph says:

    Sammich, if you’re avoiding debt and also manage to save a little each month, then you are doing pretty well. At least better than most.

  12. Takuan says:

    once upon a time that was understood as “normal”.

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