The Ancient Book of Sex and Science


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Scott Morse sent me a copy THE ANCIENT BOOK OF SEX AND SCI­ENCE, but I've been too busy scooping my brain off the floor for the last 45 minutes to write about it.

This collection of mid-century styled paintings and other works of art by four obscenely talented Pixar animation designers -- Nate Wragg, Scott Morse, Lou Romano, and Don Shank -- hearkens back to the days of the Golden science books (Like Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry Experiments), and the How and Why Wonder Books, but the theme this time is sex and robots, sex and aliens, and sex and math. (It's not really explicit -- most of the images are G-rated, and a couple are PG-13.)

Their previous art book, THE ANCIENT BOOK OF MYTH AND WAR, is sold out, and I'm sure this one will sell out even more quickly.



  1. How could one of these have already sold out and I never heard of it? BoingBoing – shame on you!

    (or maybe I missed it)

    1. SpokenWurd,

      You’ve been suspended for blogwhoring. Please contact me if you wish to have your account reinstated.

  2. It’s still in the pre-order phase. According to barnes and noble they become available june 28

  3. Seems like this is shaping up to be an ancient Time-Life series. Sweet!
    It is indeed pretty cool, this books obviously for guys, made by guys.. not an equal representation of what sex is, at least with what is shown in the preview pages.

  4. The style of the art in these books has an immediate resonance for anyone of my generation. It makes me fantastically happy to know that some of the artists behind the popular media of today have such love and respect for this period.

  5. I would echo J Francis with the “How did I not hear about the other book!” and add – How mean of you to post something I could not resist purchasing immediately!

    I did find the other book for a higher cost (I didn’t find it for $30), which I’ll consider getting once I have this one.

    Cheers, thank you for posting this! I’ve found quite a few good books from you all posting reviews. =)

  6. I’ll point out that the book is totally from a guy’s p.o.v.. So “Guy’s Sex and Guy’s Science” is a better title.

  7. On a trip to the local art store, my roommate and I noticed a little sign for a comic book store on the second floor. Classes were cancelled due to snow, so we decided to check it out.

    Upstairs was a clean, neat and beautifully laid out bookshop. The bins of comics most stores would have were replaced with gorgeous displays really showing off the comics’ art.

    And there in the back, on a book stand on one of the displays, I spotted this minimalist book cover.

    I was lucky to know what it was. The book was in great condition, and I bought it for just $20. Thanks, Mark!

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