Official video for "88 Lines About 44 Women"


Marc Campbell of The Nails made a video of his song "88 Lines About 44 Women."

In the 30 years since 88 LINES ABOUT 44 WOMEN was first recorded there has never been a video version authorized by THE NAILS. Of the dozens of videos on youtube that pay homage to the song, this is the only version created by a member of the band, me. So, here’s the world premier of 88 LINES the video. Hope you enjoy it. I had fun making it.
It was worth the wait!

The video is NSFW in a 1950s National Geographic sort of way.

(Via Dangerous Minds)


  1. That was awesome. Could someone explain that footage where guys were (AFAICT) seperating latex molded breasts? specifically, what are they for?

  2. That’s wonderful, a real feeling of unity between the music and images. Rare these days.

    Have to admit to never having heard the song before, is it, like, infamous or a cult track or something?

  3. Garyg, this is a classic New Wave novelty song!

    I can’t explain it more because it was before my time, but I grew up hearing it regularly on the wonderful (and still running) Leftover Lunch radio show on WFNX in Lynn.

  4. Pain, innocence, decadence, happiness, sorrow. Never thought it was all going to fit together like that.

  5. I live in New Mexico and met Marc a few years back when I was running a large independent music store here. He now owns a shop nearby and is doing very well for himself.

    Marc is a really interesting citizen with a LOT of great stories to tell and would be well worth tracking down for an interview (hint, hint bOINGbOING staffers).

    @GARYG: Super infamous cult song that KROQ in LA helped get radio play for. All Hail Rodney! It is still one of their most requested songs.

  6. Now I know why couldn’t come up with the goods.

    Thanks for this, a worthy video for the song.

  7. And here I was listening to this song all of these years thinking it was played by They Might be Giants!

  8. A damn fine video that totally reminds why the song works so well. Makes me want to dance (with the girls in the video of course!)

  9. My father has a forthcoming book of the same title (through Penguin).
    He would like to contact Mark and send him a copy in thanks, but is unsure of how to contact him.
    If you or he could contact my father at his site
    That would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  10. Thank you for the positive feedback on the 88 LINES video. I tried to do something totally unusual with the song and it seems to have worked. The footage is from an Italian mondo documentary of the sixties.

    I have a solo album coming out in early 2010. It’s called THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION SHOW. Videos of songs from the album can be seen here:

    Thank you all,

    Marc Campbell
    The Nails

  11. Yes. Youtube pulled it without any explanation other than it broke some guideline. Without any feedback from youtube, I am left to assume they had a problem with the bare breast in the video.

    It’s perfectly alright to post homophobic, misogynistic, ultra-violent shit on youtube. But, a female breast is taboo. What a bunch of assholes.

    Marc Campbell
    author of 88 LINES and director of the video.

  12. @ Marc —

    Or it could have been because there was music in it, and someone sent a takedown notice. Because, you know, we have to think of the rights of the original artists here!! You are nothing compared to the original artist!

    It might have happened. If anybody not-me sent a take-down notice preventing me from sharing my own song, I’d be mad as hell.

    Is there a way to dig deeper and find out why it was pulled?

  13. I wrote the lyrics and the music. So, that’s not the issue.

    I have no idea why they took the video down and they’re not talking.

  14. Thank you Marc for amazing song and video. I never heard it in the 80s but I’m totally hooked now. The video just seals the deal, amazing work and editing. Thanks for re-upping on vimeo.

  15. I think what Nosehat is trying to say is that someone didn’t realize it was really you that put up the video and youtube was too stupid to realize the original writer of the song was the one authorizing it so they pulled it.

    What is the name of the documentary the footage it was from?

    thanks for all the years of music! This song was a back drop for many a late youthful nights. =)

  16. Marc, I luv ya brother. I’ve been a huge fan of yours and the Nails for years. But here comes the but and it hurts to say this. That vid was pretty bad. I understand the technique of the visual not being obviously related to the music or lyrics, and artistic interpretation belonging wholly to the artist. I even believe ‘art critic’ to be an oxymoron. But dude, you could have slapped any song to that video and it would have made as much sense.
    No matter, I’ll always be a fan. Mood Swing is one of my all-time fav records. ’88 Lines’ was pobably the 6th or 7th best song in that collection. Not to knock 88, the album is just that good. ‘Home Of The Brave’ is a masterpiece.


  17. Gotta agree with T.Walt, horrible video, but great song… is a 1 out of 10, about the worst.

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