2009 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial

Irwin Chusid called this promo video for fans of Insane Clown Posse and other bands of its ilk, "14 minutes of the world's worst fonts."


  1. To Scharpling and Paul F Thompkins mined this promo for some radio comedy brilliance on Tues. Night’s Best show on WFMU.

    If you have never heard of the Best Show on WFMU before, your welcome.


    (next week: The Mighty Boosh)

  2. I’m there. I know it’s a little irresponsible to quit my job in this economy, but come on, this is a once in a lifetime chance and I’m not going to miss it.

  3. The first couple of minutes are amusing, but man – that goes on for far too long.

    “The most misunderstood people in the world!!!” Those poor, angst-ridden teens in clown makeup… when will the world ever finally accept them for who they are?


  4. This is a world I don’t understand…but it does sound like an impressive event. I’d love some multi-day event that catered to my niche interests.

    I do wonder when Ice Cube sees a bunch of kids in clown makeup, if he closes his eyes and thinks of dollar signs.

  5. Ummm, wouldn’t this be some sort of christian gathering, seeing as these guys are about Jesus now?

    I never expected Jesus & clowns to be one and the same and hang out together making freaky music.

  6. I loved the hosts. That girl was the CORNIEST actor I’ve ever seen in a promotional clip like this. Neither of them look like what you would see at that show.

  7. this kinda makes me embarassed to be a juggalo.. seeing them all at once just makes me realize how white they are (clown makeup not withstanding)

    and yes anything after the two hosts show up is just pure eye pain.

    guess I am just a intelligencia snob juggalo hate’n on my on peoples yo. lulz.

    did you know that just like alice cooper they have a religous side that many fans either don’t understand or just hate them for it? man, crazy Christians come in all kinds of flavors.

    1. hahahaha. Just consider that phrase: “embarrassed to be a juggalo.” yeah. it should take something like this to find that embarrassing.

  8. @9 Anon

    “Ummm, wouldn’t this be some sort of christian gathering, seeing as these guys are about Jesus now?”

    they sung about killing people.

    when they had a christian slant on the last of the 6 themed albums they pointed out they sung about pretend killing so we didn’t have to do real killing.

    the imediate album after had more violence than ever. this would be so they didnt look like wimps.. collecting decapitations etc (gory 3D video to boot!)

    not exactly 100 huntley street styled christian.

  9. #11: Agreed. Where is Gwar when you need them.
    I can’t imagine how horrible something like this would be. Oh wait, yes I can. All of the campout/weekend long raves in the Midwest were pretty bad.
    That girl is hilarious.

  10. Agree with comment #1.

    Chusid got this via The Best Show on WFMU, which really is what its name is.

  11. Those are not nearly the world’s worst fonts.


    I love metal fonts! Rap metal fonts are a distant second. Anon @ 11, are you unaware that Gwar is actually performing at the Gathering, or disappointed that they are? Seems to me they’re a perfect fit.

  12. This event seems to combine each of the ten elements of modern day society I despise most into a 3 day festival of nausea:

    1. “professional” wrestling
    2. clown makeup / face-painting
    3. violence
    4. red soda
    5. “white” rap music
    6. white people with dreadlocks
    7. ridiculously over-sized clothing
    8. poor grammar, spelling & communication skills
    9. crowded venues
    10. pure tastelessness

    You could not pay me enough to attend for even a few hours. But thanks for sharing!

  13. Wait… hay rides?
    I can think of very few groups of people who would be less receptive to hay rides… and yet, there they are.
    That hay ride is “Poppin off” as the kids say!

  14. #16: If you need Gwar, then you should totally go to this thing because they’re going to be there.

  15. Ha, this is the grandparents forum.

    “Red Soda?!? In my day soda only came in black, and we LIKED it!! Learn to spell! Pull your pants up! And get these clowns off my lawn!!”

    Gotta respect the brand identity they’ve got going. Yo.

  16. Simply the worst of the worst. A cultural movement consisting of some of the most annoying and stupid people you could ever meet. Being at the front row of that concert would be worse than being gang-raped.

  17. I love that major selling points for this festival were carnival rides, clowns, “guys on stilts,” magicians, midway games, and a water slide. All while trying to sound like its the most hardcore event in the world. To me it sounds like a 6 year old’s birthday party with bad music.

  18. i heard about this, like a few other people, from wfmu’s aptly titled best show, but it’s worth noting that tom was reacting to this trailer and not the 14 minutes of offal that got posted here.

    the much more succinct trailer basically paints the gathering like the best teenage summer camp ever (swimmin’ hole! human cannonball! inflatables! vanilla ice! HELICOPTER RIDES!).

    before i watched the infomercial, i was mulling the possibility of going, despite a severe hatred of the music (other than mc chris).

  19. “There’s plenty of free camping for everybody. Bring a camper…whatever works for you.” And now a message from Violent J, our campground manager who will come and murder you with a hatchet.

  20. I am not (repeat NOT) an ICP fan or a Juggalo. That being said, the first time I saw them was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. It was all energy, enthusiasm and love for their fans…just a seriously fun show. Check your brain at the door, go in and enjoy yourself.

  21. PS I want Sugar Slam to be my receptionist when I open my first investment management office.

  22. #16 @TOXONIX

    All of the campout/weekend long raves in the Midwest were pretty bad.

    C’mon. As crazy as Even Further was I wouldn’t necessarily group it in with the insanity that is this. They were meant to be fun and for the most part harmless. I’d rather be around a bunch of ravers popping E and pushing P.L.U.R. then a bunch of face painted ass-clowns.

    Then again, I had a great time at the campout/weekend long raves in the Midwest.

  23. @23 milar

    Hay Rides… you know, despite all the dorkiness and violent catharsis stuff, there might be some sweetness with these kids.

    And despite this corny promo with that horribe “Sugar Slam” girl, it seems like if this was the kind of thing I liked, I would like this event very much.

    The Juggalos are a weird study in alienation, and it’s kind of not helped with the way the fans and maybe the ICP itself idolize random things, like the whole Faygo pop thing.

  24. If you’ve been planning to rob a series of trailer parks across the Midwest, you now know which weekend to do it. They’ll be practically abandoned with all the juggalos off at the gathering.

  25. OMG… WHY WOULD YOU SUBJECT US TO THIS? Why? That was officially the most boring 3 minutes of my life – I couldn’t bring myself to sit through the other 11 minutes. Does anyone know how to speed this up 10x? I would so totally watch it if I could get all of the – uh – information in under 2 minutes.

  26. #35 tastypopsicle & #16 @TOXONIX

    My experience was more along the lines of Toxonix’s. I went to one in 2002 that was in the middle of Ozark Missoura, where they planned for 500-odd people, but maybe barely got 100 because it was in early May and, thus, unbearably cold. That was like the Bataan Death March of raves. The only way to stay remotely warm was to keep dancing. I’ve already worked stories from that rave into the Grandpa Simpson, “In my day life was hard!” stories I will tell my offspring.

  27. We can all learn from Maggie – clearly she grew balls during her time spent in the Clown Gulag.

  28. Amazing, this thread of comments leaves a horrible taste in my mouth for all of BoingBoing. Never before have I seen a comment thread on this site more negatively react to a public event.

    It shocks me to think that a group of people (who, mind you, often celebrate themselves as “happy mutants”) could look down upon a music festival aimed at giving anti social teens/young adults a casual non-judgmental space to interact with their peers. What is Maker Faire, or Burning Man for that matter?

    Is it my taste in music? No, but I respect some of the musicians preforming. And yes, they do need a graphic designer badly. But ask yourself this: “Would you react any differently if ICP were into steampunk and participated in robot battles?”

  29. Wow. Almost need a unicorn chaser after that. The O’s with serifs made it all worthwhile, though.

    Last all night / campout style rave I went to was in the 90’s. They had actual rave music–techno, house, drum’n’bass– and there was no red pop. Just water and beer. Right after dawn a couple of Mennonite kids rolled up to check it out, but they weren’t on Rumspringa.

  30. MC Chris what are you doing ?!?! And christ, I feel embarrassed for “Sugar Slam”. That was just sad. Marie Osmond would have been more convincing.

  31. The thing that’s most annoying about ICP is that the band itself is as full of poseurs as the fanbase is.

  32. come on kids, this looks amazing. if you get over your intellectual vanity this looks like an awesome place to have a retarded good time. just don’t bring anything valuable. they had me at butterbean.

  33. I have to give them credit; apart from band names (which seem almost comically misspelled), there’s not a single typo in that whole infomercial. They even get “convenience” right, a word that stymies a good 55% of the general public.

    Helicopter Rides!

  34. If there could be one positive side of the PATRIOT Act, it would be the part that nullified the freedom of association and freedom of speech. Then we can say this is a threat to national security and away they go.

  35. 1. Every time the hosts or unseen announcer say “muthaf$%kin” they sound like they don’t really mean it, like it’s ad-copy.

    2. Is Vegas taking odds on the number of rapes, overdoses, injuries and deaths?

    3. Comedians Pauly Shore, JJ Walker and . . . Rowdy Roddy Piper?

    4. What? No face-painting tent?

    5. I remember talking to a record store owner in the midwest who just rolled his eyes whenever someone brought up any of these “juggalo” groups; his most annoying customers playing the most annoying music.

    6. Where are those “suit-case nukes” I always hear about. That might be a nice compliment to this festival. I’m sorry, was that unnecessary and rude? (I mean, as opposed to any of the deep issues the various “juggalos” rhyme about, like that touching love song “Jenny’s a Fat Bitch” for example?)

  36. There isn’t another band out there today whose fans have this religious level of devotion. ICP is the new Grateful Dead, and I don’t just mean by their fans’ odor. They could drop off the face of the planet for 20 years and you’d still see teenagers in black and white clown paint loitering in parking lots! Also, if you’ve never been to a GWAR concert, you’ve never been to a concert.

  37. “I want to invite Sugar Slam to be a guest blogger.”

    Yes, please. No typing, I just want some hard-core, in-your-face video blogging.

    A casual Googling didn’t produce any hits on “Sugar Slam.” Guess the name was made up for the part.

  38. I hate this as much as anybody here, but it’s funny to see these comments after that wedding video yesterday where anybody who didn’t like it was considered cold hearted or just not getting it.
    At least I’m consistent – I hate everything!

  39. God damn most of you people are sour. You’re looking at an entire subculture having a major shindig and pissing all over it. This is their Burning Man, their Worldcon, their Jazz Fest, their Woodstock.

    Weird goth circus rap ain’t my thing, but this looks like some serious High Weirdness, and I wish all these Juggalos an awesome time.

    And I think these guys are definitely Happy Mutants – some links on the Metafilter thread on this led me to Morton’s List, which seems to basically be a “have crazy adventures and maybe grow some sympathy for people who are very Not You” package in a book. By the ICP and/or their labelmates, I didn’t research enough to be sure which. I mean, really, read the teaser PDF and tell me you can’t like people who encourage their fans to do stuff outside their normal routines like that.

  40. Wow, can’t believe I watched that entire thing. Loved the gratuitous swearing. Is it wrong that I kinda wanna go?

  41. There’s a lot of sex in the air too?
    With unbelievably cool people like you?
    Vanilla Ice… what????

    Serious!? Juggaloes?! This is one of the weirdest and tragic things I have ever seen. An anthropologist should study this strange “subculture”.

  42. “14 minutes of the world’s worst fonts.”

    Then why the hell post it? I can’t imagine this catastrophe has any possible redeeming qualities that need to be propagated to your audience … next time anything ICP-related comes up, I’d be very grateful if you left sitting in benign neglect.

  43. Are the Badd Spellaz going to be there again this year? They totally tore up the second stage last year.

  44. Hahahahha… I used to work at Hot Hits, where every day was the Gathering of the Juggalos.

    I’m actually making a short little mashup of some of the instore signings that I filmed. Should be pretty funny… to me at least.

    -Commodore Crush

  45. This promo is carefully hand-crafted from a pure vein gouged from the motherlode of WIN. Watching it made my balls grow. A bit.

  46. I tell you what. It sounds like a fun, strangely wholesome weekend. I’m not in the Juggalos demographic (I’m 40-something, professional, fairly normal, don’t feel marginalized in the least) but I’d go if I didn’t already have an obligation.

  47. #62 EGYPT URNASH

    God damn most of you people are sour. You’re looking at an entire subculture having a major shindig and pissing all over it. This is their Burning Man, their Worldcon, their Jazz Fest, their Woodstock.

    . . . their Altamont?

    Hey, I can piss all over their subculture if I want, just like I can piss all over anything else I find pointless and idiotic. You don’t begrudge them pissing all over the various things they are angry about in their music, why can’t I have that privilege? Sure, it’s just a bunch of kids having fun and blowing off steam, but the bottom line is I think their music is crap, and I’ve heard plenty of it, thanks. Are you going to give me a hard time for mocking Lawrence Welk next? Plus I don’t find anything in this promo that is anywhere near as weird and interesting as Burning Man. Carnival rides? Guys on Stilts? Cheap soft drinks? Wrestling? Wow, can’t find those anywhere else, I’m sold!

  48. mc chris has officially jumped the shark. That guy will play anywhere for a paycheck I guess but it seems like that crowd will eat him alive! Juggalos want to hear rap about murder and obscure soda pop, not nerd girls and GI joes.

  49. If you are defending this, you are either a Juggalo yourself or ignorant of Juggalo culture. The only good thing about this event is that it keeps most of them away from the rest of society for a few days.

  50. I remember two details from a documentary that touched on ICP that I saw several years ago:

    1. A group of fans wearing nearly-identical clothing and makeup bitching about conformism, and

    2. Another fan summing up the scene with the pithy phrase, “It’s like, fuck society, you know?”

    Yeah. Gotta get me summo that.

  51. To anyone who thinks this might be a cool thing to let your daughters go to, do a little research and find out what a ‘Juggleho’ is. And while your at it take a look at this movement surrounding the band ICP and tell me it doesnt fit the definition of a cult. If Jim Jones was a rock star he would still be Jim Jones and your kids would buy the album instead of the koolaid.

  52. #68 Commander Crush

    Oh man, Hot Hits! That place used to be lined with ICP shirts. Every time I’d go in there, that old lady behind the counter would be lecturing some kids about the dangers of bootleg ICP merch. It was the only record store in the Detroit area where you could reliably find Wesley Willis albums though.

    Now it’s some kind of pawn shop where dudes hang out, smoke a ton of cigarettes, and occasionally fix X-Boxes.

  53. Amazing that anyone here is actually defending this garbage.

    “But, it’s just another subculture!” “They are Happy Mutants!” NO.

    First of all, they’re not happy. And subcultures, like every other aspect of life, can be more or less valuable in objective terms.

    Arguing otherwise is in league with the same mindset that suggests “all points of view are valid!”, when in fact some are based on facts and logic, while others are based on superstition and conjecture.

    If you’re interested in human progression, then you have to be selective about giving your blessing to whatever bullshit “subculture” comes along. Don’t forget that the root of “subculture” is “culture”–this is the culture of the Colisseum, wearing clown makeup.

  54. Coolio
    Ice Cube
    So many washed up stars. I wish I lived in Michigan.

    It would be old fashioned hilarious, AND I’d get to see guys on stilts!

  55. I’m disappointed in you happy mutants. Dressing like a Victorian astronaut is perfectly acceptable, but wearing clown face and listening to ICP is not? Spending your weekend crocheting Mario themed afghans is ok, but sleeping in a tent and drinking Faygo isn’t.

    Bunch of hypocrites.

  56. @#80

    Crocheting a Mario themed afghan is quirky, indvidual and creative. Copying the clichéd face paint of some pretentious, angsty peter-pans, while lining their merchandising coffers, is a different kettle of fish.

    ICP is likely to relish being labelled a “cult” so I’m just gonna say they’re making money by telling stupid people that they’re all friends.

  57. i really wanted to see some band websites.
    i knew that icp wore clown makeup, but i didn’t know there was a whole genre.
    i recommend this site.
    it has lots of screaming, blood, and crow noises.
    you can let it play in the background for hours.

  58. “Would you react any differently if ICP were into steampunk and participated in robot battles?”

    Hmmm clowns with robot battles and magnificent steampunk contraptions and clothing….

    Well at least the robot battles would be far, far cooler than Vanilla Ice, maybe just maybe the guys from Mythbusters would bring some of their ‘bots to the fight.

    It’d be a great time.

  59. “There’s something for everybody.”

    With the emphasis on burgers, hot dogs, pizza, tacos, and ice cream, I imagine there’s nothing for you if you’re a vegan.

    “Most misunderstood people in history.”

    So…. jews?

    And I like how they say “ninjas” instead of that other n-word, because 95% of these kids are white.

    The reason people here (or at least I) look down on this rather than other sets of “happy mutants” is because of all the ridiculous ignorance involved. It glamorizes the worst parts of ghetto and hardcore cultures.

  60. live vanilla aloooooooooooooooooooone!
    have you no respect for a legend?
    word to your mothers, haters

  61. Uncle Max, it’s the wrong demographic for vegans, these kids haven’t even got to that thought process in their young lives yet.

    I dislike ICP for a completely reason though, their music sucks. That’s not “I don’t like their style of music” it’s that they’re poor musicians. They can’t play an instrument with the skill beyond a semi-talented 6th grader, and in the rapper/lyrical dexterity catagory their ability is laughable. I’ve heard public service raps on TV that were better executed.

    As for the Christian “Twist” at the end of their six album Joker Card series, (Note: there’s only two jokers in a deck of cards idiots) it’s just embarrassing. If I was an ICP fan I’d be pissed that they pulled the scam, because by the looks of everything it was planned. Now they flip back to the murder clown thing because they weren’t making enough money anymore? You’d seriously have to be a moron to buy into the ICP moneytrain after that.

    So what if their concerts have an energy? Most do in some way. There’s also intense energy in cattle slaughterhouses.

    I tried to keep an open mind about these wackos from the beginning, but the more I learned about them, the more I recognized that there’s nothing good about them.

  62. I’d say there’s something good: I think Mike E. Clark’s actually somewhat of a decent and creative producer. I lament that he’s wasted so much time and so many years with this genre, but… he’s decent at what he does and I assume he’s being paid well for it.

    Tickets for this are $150 a person. The culture, merchandising, the whole wrestling aspect… call ICP what you will but they’ve managed to turn a ridiculous concept into a rather lucrative industry. Think about this, when the juggaloes started slapping Psychopathic stickers on their cars and holding the Gatherings in the late 90’s, we thought this stupid fad would pass in a few years, if that. A decade later… and this is where they are.

  63. When nobody is around, Violent J likes to put strawberries in his cereal milk and stir it so it turns pink.

  64. I am utterly against juggalos as human beings, but that has nothing to do with them going and having their apparently utterly non-crazy fun together.

    I absolutely could not believe how every time you think they described the least exciting thing as poppin’ or whatever else, they would top it with something even more boring, culminating with SEMINARS? HELL YEAH WE GOT SEMINARS. Just incredible.

  65. wow what a nightmare that would be
    of course the Hay Ride clip there is just a kid right in the front sucking down a nitrous balloon.

    i would feel so dirty going to that show, i’d probably have to shower for days afterwards

    i actually just looked up this festival and looked at some pictures of the prior ones which consisted of disgusting girls flashing their tits (i think every girl i saw in any picture was flashing … classy), drunk idiots, lots of weed, a girl passing out needles, fans getting their bong signed by icp or whoever band members, looks like a great time …

  66. LMAO @ 10:46: “And for those of us who enjoy late night violence……” I guess they got something for everyone.

  67. Ba HAha hahah! Best comment ever!: “I wonder if this will affect attendance at Pennsic?”

    Seriously though when the hell did ICP go from being a “so bad it’s good” shitty horror-rap group to a huge culture? How? I mean I’m from the midwest, I’ve been to an ICP show—they’re fun shows in a dumb action flick kinda way don’t get me wrong but really what the hell?

  68. The fact that there are people here defending the juggalos like they are some sort of oppressed cultural minority is hilarious. Yeah man, they can’t help it if they’re juggalos, they’re genetically predisposed to wear clown facepaint and be tone deaf! They were born into it. Being a juggalo isn’t a choice. These people are allowed to get married to each other in every state but homosexuals aren’t, this is truly an unjust world.

    I met a juggalo when I was living in Savannah. We were all sitting around and he said “what kind of music do you like, man?” and I said, “Oh, a bunch of stuff, experimental electronic, blah blah” and listed off some band names. He nodded quickly and said “Do you like insane clown posse?”
    Attempting truthful diplomacy I said, “I could never really get into them.”
    “I’m one of those guys who would like, kill for the band.”
    “Oh yeah?”
    “So do you put on facepaint and go to the concerts and stuff?”
    “No…” he said, and inside I was sighing the hugest sigh of relief, when he added, “I use black magic marker so it doesn’t wash off as easily!”
    My heart sank.

    Later, paranoid about his girlfriend who had recently broken up with him, he tried to break into my apartment and I had to threaten to throw him down the stairs to get him to leave and stop attempting to kick my door in. She and I remained friends for awhile and on several occasions he revealed himself to be a crazed stalker, very much worthy of a restraining order.

    ICP, who I have no doubt were designed by a focus group attempting to attract the most degenerate douchebags on the planet, have spawned a movement devoted purely to being violent, loathsome assholes. Good job there.

  69. @84 “Crocheting a Mario themed afghan is quirky, indvidual and creative.”

    Uh, no. Working with a Nintendo characters is not a foray into obscurantism, nor are ironic pomo juxtapositions edgy and new.

    This IS the grandparents forum.

  70. Still, the video is pretty d**n scary — all those follower-bands that have clown-paint?

    But then I heard about the wet-t-shirt contest, bouncy boxing, karaoke, and REAL midway games.


  71. “ICP, who I have no doubt were designed by a focus group attempting to attract the most degenerate douchebags on the planet, have spawned a movement devoted purely to being violent, loathsome assholes. Good job there.”

    actualy they where two detroit wiggers who thought they could do the rap thing without the clown makeup calling themselves Inner City Posse.

    it would be those early days that would see them get their asses kicked bad.. literaly.

    so they dreamt up the clown crap sung over the top violence that you guys hate on but at least its definately cathartic and its NOT AS SOCIETY DESTROYING as proper hip hop singing about free market capitalism AKA bitches and ho’s and all that bling.. gotten by coke and/or gun dealing.

    considering how much money the pimps and ho’s variety of hip hop makes I dunno about dissin these guys.

    not all juggalos are meth heads. naacp would be upset if you said all hip hop fans were gun toting dealers.

    consider icp the clockwork orange of wigger rap.

    some smart people see it as a critique on society, and its intended as such.. while the majority of fans like it ’cause some people get the shit kicked out of them by some other people.

    can we blame the artist for retarded fans? I sometimes think yes, sometimes no.

  72. You guys are so sensitive, you gotta take ICP with a grain of salt. Take this from a non practicing Juggalo, but I still listen occasionally. I like all kinds of music too, even stuff you like. I guarantee it. Not all of ICP fans are on meth, as much as you’d hope they be. Though some are “out there” ,just like any genre of music has. But there generally nice people who wanna have fun. Hating their music is pointless, since music is subjective. They have their own brand of originality. Everybody conforms in some degree. Better they vent it in the middle of nowhere, than on your head.

    It probably useless to defend them to a bunch of self hating nerds. But it’s nothing less than what I’d expect from a bunch of NPR super fans. The ICP/Christianity is not that hard to believe. Just look at heavy metal. It’s damn near impossible to find a picture of Ozzy with out a cross on. Does that mean Ozzfest is really a religious fest maybe to you MR/MRS/Miss ANONYMOUS.

    Why is it so hard for most of you guys to understand get dressed up? So what if sometimes it’s with face paint! You Ressiaance loving freaks. It’s ok to dress up as long as your absoultly civil? Your childern probably hate you. Why does Halloween only have to be once a year? Ice Cube can rap with who ever he wants to you haters. ICP already rapped with Snoop & ODB. What do you think of that haters? Jealous?

    You guys are the same people who hated Vanilla for being white and rapping. But who now love him and sing Ice Ice Baby whenever it comes on. There are a lot of Hip Hop posers in here. POPROBOT so your not down with “white” rapping? Call me if you need help getting out of the 80’s.

    Mike E Clark is great producer. He didn’t waste his time with ICP. You probably wouldn’t even know about him if it wasn’t for ICP. Mc Chris didn’t fall off he was never really on, but playing with ICP doesn’t lower his value.

    “Truthful diplomacy” is an oxymoron.

    Caldrax a.k.a Mr Toughguy, you are a fool to insult all ICP fans. I probably have a higher IQ than you, so does Violent J & Shaggy. Nice way to generalize & vent your frustrations with life! Feel Better? We don’t care about your weird love triangle.

    DROSS1260 lets be honest you were never gonna leave the house anyway

    ICP are excellent business men always have always will be just accept it, they’re gonna make a lot of money of this. Relax go to sleep, drink your warm milk. Making fun of people who are different than you won’t make you happier. Jealously just hurts everybody. If the warm milk doesn’t work try counting unicorns.

  73. yes they have many bad songs. Many artists have 2 good songs per album which is why the biz hated when ITunes started the “why would I buy whole album of crap – gimmie just the good ones” plan.

    this explains what makes juggalos clump together like bad rice.


    This one proves they can do a pretty good eighties cover.

    Lets go all the way

    this one is about how sad it is people have to die needlessly.
    crossing the bridge

    and if you ignore the chorus on this one the rest of the song is stellar

    the train

  74. @102 dexdoomsday

    damn dex, I thought I was wordy.

    I can’t make up my mind if I think you are little nasty or middle of the road neutral.. naaah you are being a bit nasty.

    attacking them personally and unrelately does your legit attacks on their points of view a diservice.

    to quote you:

    “Nice way to generalize & vent your frustrations with life! Feel Better?”

  75. Wow. Seriously? Who’s defending this? Lemme make it clear for you guys…

    ICP promotes misogyny, hard drug use, domestic violence, religious, sexual and ethnic hate crimes and sexual abuse.

    Openly. In all their work.

    This is a “culture” which promotes harmful attitudes, unhealthy action and dangerous facilitation. This isn’t some cute band of guys with thick glasses soldering toasters and talking about their favorite ukelele player. This is a sociopathically inspired hate group. Thanks for reading.

  76. I credit ICP with fleecing the money from the absolute lowest levels of society. They’re music is only mildly obnoxious and, as just a band, they are pretty ignorable. However, I hate Juggalos with a fiery passion that will never die. ICP only gave the most base elements of society a common thread. ICP doesn’t make Juggalo culture so ass-backward and stupid, Juggalos do. This is from someone who grew up around a LOT of Juggalos (West Valley City, Utah).

  77. The last time I heard the term Juggalo was when this guy was in the news in the general New Bedford area where I was living at the time.


    “Jacob D. Robida (June 13, 1987 – February 5, 2006) was a Massachusetts teenager who attacked patrons at a Massachusetts gay bar, murdered a police officer, shot a female companion, and ultimately shot himself after fleeing to Norfork, Arkansas.”

    the management for ICP said the following
    “the perpetrator of this crime committed these acts not because he was a Juggalo, but because he was a neo-Nazi.”

    Funny, because last time I checked ICP lyrics combine homophobia with violence. Seems like an odd coincidence to me. Of course they don’t want people to be violent on their part – but they should probably realize that they do often give targets and encouragement to already violent people.

  78. My favorite line: Scarface! … “fresh from the Ghettoboys!”

    heehee. Fresh from the late 80s.

  79. Ah yes, dexdoomsday, I have truly met my match, I am afraid I must bow to your shining example of intelligent thought. Your grasp of the English language is so strong that traditional grammatical rules cannot even be applied to your sentences, they exist in a world all their own, breaking boundaries and opening doors! We all have a lot to learn from your open mindedness about kids who dress up as clowns and say motherfucker every other word. If only we could all be so enlightened as to break free from these societal barriers, to sing songs about killing bitches and watch fake wrestling together while eating corn dogs and fried twinkies.

  80. dexdoomsday, some of your criticisms are perfectly valid.

    Unfortunately a lot of that rant also falls into the realm of Juggalo stereotypes, especially when you start calling people “haters” and devolve into making things personal.

    Juggalos have a reputation, among other things, for being “internet tough guys”, and for being seriously prone to embarassing flame wars.

    While lecturing people for believing in stereotypes is perfectly fair, proceeding to morph into a stereotype in the course of the second and third acts of one’s tirade really undercuts the message and just makes people think they were right to insult the culture.

    I think mimes are cooler.

  81. 1. do they watch ‘ow, my balls!’ as well? the voiceover + bad graphics/fonts *really* reminds me of the television people watch in the movie idiocracy.

    2. cult.

  82. This is event that the internet gods prophesied when from on high they created the meme “KILL IT WITH FIRE”.

  83. “ICP? How distasteful and uncouth! I shall denounce it forthwith!”
    *writes snarky, superior comment on internet, goes back to playing with steampunk papercraft while listening to “remixed” audiobook version of Little Brother*

  84. Why does DJ Clay keep nervously clutching at the hem of his massive t-shirt when he talks? Is there a mischievous up-draft in there that he fears may snatch away his modesty in the blink of an eye? Or is he genuinely frightened? Actually, judging by all the bluster he could muster for that final “BO!”, it may well be the latter.

    you know i got my tickets, i’m going to see some of that WICKED SHIT.

    I mean.. if my mom buys my ticket. :(

  86. This year will be my second year going to the Gathering . It was waaay too much fun last year, I am very much looking forward to it. For all the Haters out there, I want to say that you are greatly misinformed. Yes, to an outside observer this may look like drunk debauchery at it’s best, However there actually is far more to it then that. Might help to crack open the book before judging the cover, but maybe the left-over logic in your rubber vulcan ears have warped you mind.

  87. This is a really ugly thread. Hate the music? Fine. Hate the behavior of the participants? Fine. But there are so many negative comments about race and class here. What gives, BoingBoing?

  88. I would like to thank Drew for his facebook expose on juggalos. Were it not for his valiant efforts, I never would have wasted an hour of my day learning more than I will admit to knowing about these kids.

    One of my friends in highschool was a juggalo… I didn’t get the fascination with “wicked clowns” but then I spent all my time listening to Marilyn Manson and White Zombie.

    I have been to hippie festivals and to raves and those kids have their own stupid costumes (corduroy patch clothes for the hippies and cargo pants and upside down visors with glow sticks in the head band for the ravers). It has been my experience that people everywhere listen to bad music, dress like idiots, and like to spend time with people who share their taste in bad clothing and music.

    We may never teach a juggalo to read, but with effort we may convince some of them to bathe. Because underneath all that face paint is a person, and after that person’s parents kick them out, Wal-Mart needs folks to clean those bathrooms. Send in the clowns.

  89. was recently parodied on snl.

    blake lively & rhianna were host & guest

    check it out

    my capcha: every sugarman

    Screw that, haters.
    I’m soopa down down down and I think this shit is HILARIOUS.
    Keep hatin’, silly boys and girls.
    LOLOL MMFWCL <3 <3 <3

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