Trompe-l'œil video projection on building facade

Urban Screen's mesmerizing building facade video: "How it would be, if a house was dreaming." (Via Dangerous Minds)


  1. That’s even cooler than the “Dorm Room Light Show” synched up to the Knight Rider Theme song.

  2. The hands really ruined the effect for me, but once they were gone it was sheer awesomeness.

  3. The future of advertising is here. Can’t you imagine watching a building shudder and then a sign for Coke pop up?

  4. very cool, i love it.

    call me crazy, though, but is the crowd noise the same crowd noise that’s in roller coaster tycoon?

  5. i wasn’t sure until about 1:35 but i’m now almost 100% sure the crowd noise matches rollercoaster tycoon.

  6. I agree completely, that’s definitely off roller coaster tycoon. Maybe they wanted it to sound like lots of people had shown up.

  7. Why does the video move the camera viewpoint off the viewing angle where the trompe-l’oeil works (square to the front of the building at head height) to show it from oblique angles that break the illusion the false perspective creates?

    It’s like a magician who has a really fantastic trick, but they’re so geek-pumped about how the trick works they show you the gimmick in the middle of the performance.

    Still – very cool.

  8. I thought the change of perspective afforded by the occasional different camera angle was interesting.

    The video was just too cool for words – one of my friends walked by just as I started it and we both stared, mesmerized, throughout.

  9. On second viewing it looks like no one in the video is watching the awesome effect. It seems like they’re all just chatting to each other or just walking by. Is this a fake?

  10. @Hershmire: I noticed that too. Plus I was surprised at how they were able to get the “projection” lined up so perfectly with the windows. If, as others have said, the crowd noises are from another source too, I’m calling shenanigans.

  11. i’m living in hamburg and can tell you guys, that this was for real. i saw it. it was awesome.

    however the sounds are definitely fake and really sound like rollercoaster tycoon. thats probably the reason why it looks strange – for some time there was a concert on the other side of the place so people probably were a little distracted from the projection.

    could also be the reason for the fake sound thing because the music was disturbing the atmosphere stone sound and all.

    however – i loved it

  12. It’s been YEARS since something made me go “woah, i want to be there on LSD”, like this video did.

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