Architects Journal on "comic book cities"


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  1. Malgas says:

    I definitely second Neopolis from “Top 10″. Also Millennium City from “Tom Strong”. Both have fantastic architecture!

  2. maxoid says:

    The Portland, OR architecture journal had an article like this a couple years ago. It wasn’t a top-10 list though, which seems to be an internet favorite for reblogging.

    AppleSeed had strong representation (on the cover!), as well as the manga series “BLAME!”, which I subsequently bought all 10 volumes of and read in maybe two days straight. It’s a story as much about the environment as the characters or plot, if not more. Highly recommended.

  3. Vanwall says:

    This list owes a lot to Winsor McCay’s Slumberland – the best of all the architectural spaces in comics – especially Befuddle Hall.

  4. trippcook says:

    Didn’t mention Otomo’s Neo Tokyo … ouch! Bad list! Bad!

  5. nemryn says:

    Other notables: The City from Transmetropolitan, and Palnu from Cerebus. (I think Palnu’s the one, anyway.)

  6. jfrancis says:

    I used to love that Moebius / The Long Tomorrow city back in the 70′s. We used to draw it into our teenage comics, and BASIC program Hunt the Wupus-style text adventure games in it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    they left the city from Alan Moore’s “Top 10″ off their top ten list.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Roger Leloup’s Yoko Tsuno books are chock-full of amazing cities, fictional or otherwise. He worked at Herge studios for years, cleaning up and modernizing old artwork as well as working on the more technical elements like the jet in “Vol 714 pour Sydney”.

  9. kaiza says:

    I assume the glaring omission of anything from the land of the rising sun is because there’s a Top 10 Manga Cities in the pipeline. Or at least there should be.

  10. toxonix says:

    Moebius wins. Or “Moebius FTW” if you prefer.

    Otomo’s Neo Tokyo the greatest.
    I also like Shirow Masamune’s Olympus and his organic Newport City from Tank Police.

    You can’t top 10 this stuff.

  11. woid says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    No Paris anno 2023 by Enki Bilal (The Carnival of Immortals / La Foire aux Immortels)?

    meh, it’s an ok list I guess…

  13. Avram / Moderator says:

    Nemryn @3, if you’re thinking of the city that most of “Church & State” takes place in (as well as “Jaka’s Story”, “Melmoth”, and “Mothers and Daughters”), with the “upper city” on a big mesa, than you’re thinking of Iest. And yeah, it probably belongs on the list.

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