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  1. Have you ever noticed that in anything vs. testicles, testicles never seems to win?

  2. So, If i go to this Juggalo gathering thingy, will people be offended if I say “shit” a lot?

  3. It’s true that not every Juggalo is an upstanding citizen but many of them are. I was working security during the riot at the event when they were in Peoria a few years ago. The police had to come and tear gas a bunch of people in order to clear out the Civic Center before they tore it apart.

    Somehow the event wasn’t outright cancelled after that. Half the security team quit or didn’t show up the next day. But as it turns out the fans that stuck around were among the most polite, personable people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. You could even spot a few groups of them out in the parking lot picking up litter afterwards.

    Hard to say how much of that was prompted by the asshole behavior of their fellows or the subsequent police response, but it goes to show that people come in all kinds.

  4. RE: Fucking Hell.

    It’s a great little piece, but man, Barber’s Adagio is yet another piece we can add to the list of overused film scores (along with Orff’s “Carmina Burana”, Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyrie”, and maybe sections of Beethoven’s 9th.)

  5. This was really just a Juggalo’s father trying to give his wayward son or daughter some much needed advice.

  6. I agree. Get a hotel and shit and sleep there during the day and shit so you won’t miss the shit going down at night and shit and you’ll have a place to hook up with girls and shit. No argument here.

  7. Well, an’ sometimes you’ll want a place to take a shit an’ shit, ’cause a lot of people don’t like to shit in porta-johns an’ shit, an’ they don’t want to miss shit while they take a shit, so it’s better to take a shit an’ do other shit later in your hotel room an’ shit.

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