Snuff Box: "demented genius" Brit-com

Richard Metzger has posted an appreciation for the British sketch comedy show Snuff Box, starring Matt Berry (IT Crowd, Darkplace) and Rich Fulcher ("Bob Fossil," "Eleanor," etc., on The Mighty Boosh, which we've been featuring in a series of one, two, three BB Video episodes). Snip from Metzger's post, which includes a bunch of video embeds of his favorite Snuff Box moments:

First broadcast at 11pm on BBC3 in 2006 and never broadcast again, Snuff Box sadly was missed by its target audience, who ended up discovering it anyway, via YouTube and Bit Torrent. (Snuff Box finally came out on DVD in 2008). Each episode begins with Berry and Fulcher (playing "themselves") walking down a white hallway, before choosing a door leading to a typically odd "situation." The pair are employed as government hangmen. They also spend a lot of time in a gentleman's club (where time travel occurs), nursing whiskeys and swearing. There is a LOT of swearing in Snuff Box, so much so that it gives Deadwood a run for the money. It's one of the meanest spirited comedies I can think of (not that this is a bad thing, of course).


  1. Absolutely loved Snuff Box. Totally crazy, and completely indescribable.

    Another great comedy series from a few years back was Black Books.

  2. I loved this show. The people on a park bench doing a very NSFW rendition of the theme song has gotta be one of the funniest things ever:

  3. To be perfectly honest, I still can’t quite decide if Rick Fulcher is a comic genius or just rude. But the show is very good. And Ayoade is just so damn cool.

    And although you already mentioned it in the post, here’s a bit of Darkplace goodness (probably my favorite scene, from the very first episode even):

  4. Mustn’t forget Matt Berry’s album Opium, which features extended versions of the theme song (which he wrote and sang), among other oddities.

    I saw Fulcher a few weeks back at the live Boosh show after Comic-Con. Pretty sure he’s incredibly funny, not just awful and rude. Though sometimes it’s close.

  5. Thats great, these guys have made loads of stuff I love but I hadn’t heard of this, definately going to check it out some more.

    Incidentally I’m fairly certain this sketch is inspired by The Edgar Winter Groups appearance on the old grey whistle test.

  6. Eh. The humor to sucky music ration wasn’t high enough for me to deem this worth the effort. In fact, the humor is so “subtle” (ie, unhumorous), they should have stamped “THIS IS FUNNY” on it.

  7. I would also like to reccomend the following british comedies for the unintiated…
    Green Wing
    Mighty Boosh (duh)
    ITCrowd (duh)
    and Black Books

  8. Just when I think I’ve mined BBC for all it’s obscure, single-season champagne comedies… ta-daa. More!

    Not at all a bad thing. Thanks for the suggestion…. I think Metzger should just post a complete catalogue of his DVD collection here, every time he makes a suggestion it’s gold.

  9. both of these actors were in the show ‘Garth merenghi’s dark place’ which you can find on youtube. it’s absolutely brilliant and anyone who enjoys the shows mentioned above (spaced etc) will love it. also check out ‘Look Around You’ (see youtube).

  10. I’ve heard enough people complain about this show to realize that it’s not for everybody. In fact, the original title was supposed to be Comedy Bronze, which is referenced in the theme song.

    I wrote a post on some of my favorite UK comedies last year- lots of video clips and some recommendations.

    …not mentioned in the clip, Nighty Night. It’s my new favorite thing. It’s the darkest comedy, I’ve ever seen.

  11. Does the BBC only have a pool of like 5 actors to use or something? :)

    Looks like a funny show – time to fire up bit-torrent.

  12. “Does the BBC only have a pool of like 5 actors to use or something? ” You fool! Run! Save yourself!

  13. #20 _Kevitivity- The thing is, shows don’t tend to run as long on the BBC, so actors can end up doing lots and lots of different shows. Most of the shows mentioned in this thread seem to feature many of the same folks, but none of them ran very long. Also, there are lots of other shows, these are just the better ones.

  14. my DVD of snuffbox is the only time i have ever received a birthday gift that i didn’t specifically ask for that i have utterly loved.

    my favourite is the guitar lesson sketch.

    also, another lost classic is 15 Storeys High. Bit of a slow burner, but it sucks you in utterly, like a darker Black Books.

  15. The clip in this entry is kinda funny but wasn’t it already done in Spinal Tap with the “Lick My Love Pump” bit?

  16. Great thread! #19, awesome post, thanks for sharing it, I will be searching these out immediately. #12 thanks also!

  17. im a rapper with a baby, with a baby…
    i got a little bitty mother fuckin baby…

    classic stuff, I love BBC3, thank god for torrents and IMDB

    also recently got into – Unnatural Acts, Man Stroke Woman, How Not to Live Your Life, The Day Today, Time Train, Ideal, Pulling, Jam…

    all because of a mighty boosh rec here on BoingBoing over a year or so ago… so thanks a ton

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