Rich Fulcher gives Hollywood the finger.

Funnyman Rich Fulcher (Twitter), whose work you may know from The Mighty Boosh (he plays "Eleanor," "Bob Fossil," and other characters), has a new book out this week. "Tiny Acts of Rebellion" contains a wide assortment of little recipes for how one might stick it to the proverbial man.

To prepare for the book's launch, Mr. Fulcher is "sticking it" to a number of cities, quite literally, in a series of internet videos which feature the comedian giving the finger to all that we love and hold dear.

First: Hollywood.

(A special nod to Boing Boing Video editor Eric Mittleman, who shot and directed this fine piece of work, and to background dancer Ruth Waytz, whose moves are described as "Fosse-esque.").

Rich Fulcher flips off LA (YouTube)

Where could he possibly be headed next?

The Tiny Acts of Rebellion book: official website / buy it on Amazon.

The song you're hearing in this video is "Jean City" by UK band Trash Money (web, MySpace).


  1. Ayyyy! Speaking of inimitable, this video contains the lovely and talented Ruth Waytz, thus atoning for it’s otherwise lackluster premise.

  2. Except for the one shot at :22, this was about as funny as his show with Matt Berry, which was called Snuff Box, I think, but I don’t really want to think about it very much.

  3. I decided to greet the UK’s ubiquitous cctv cameras with the finger on my first trip there last year. However, distant family member picking us up at the airport wanted to know if everything was OK and why were the N American relatives giving the finger to God knows what or who.

  4. @Wanion WHAT!? Snuff Box might have been one of the funniest things I’ve seen in years! whis-KY!!! Ah, well, to each his own.

  5. Wait, does the humor come from a grown man and self-styled comedian, which is a creative profession, being unable to think of anything better to do than something only 13-year-olds find amusing and daring? Or is it that it contains so little actual humor that it’s ironic? Does that eat itself?

    Maybe I just don’t get it.

  6. After a bit of experimentation, I’m willing to bet that his strange, thumb-raised version of giving-the-finger is because, if you’re going to be doing it for a long time it’s less of a hand-strain than the more common thumb-folded-over-the-second-and-forth-finger version. Any physiotherapists care to confirm?

  7. I wonder how the police will react to a flash mob giving the bird to Big Ben, given the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 makes it illegal to protest within half a mile of Parliament Square without a pre-arranged permit.

  8. Sad so many don’t seem to get it. I laughed myself blue. My only complaint is that all the torrents I see are for Toby Keith but that’s my failing, not Fulcher’s.

  9. Dear #11,
    You seem like you must be a very sweet person, in that you’ve evidently not been doing enough to be given the finger enough to see the wide range of finger-giving styles that vary from region to region and person to person. Things to look for – is the thumb held out or tucked in? is the finger perpendicular to the arm or does it continue along the same line? are both middle fingers deployed with the arms moving up and down?

  10. Being rude is only funny when a professional does it.
    Amateur rudeness is, sadly, still very pathetic.

  11. other than actors, he only flipped off two people, one was asleep and the other couldn’t see his finger behind the menu.

    That is pretty damned lame. When he comes to London he’d better flip some people off properly.

    Also, the V sign is not ‘the finger’ or ‘flipping off’.

  12. It’s good to see that replying to comments by number has been made pointless (rather than merely ineffective) thanks to the site redesign.

  13. The worlds, they are colliding!

    What’s better than being singled out for mention on BoingBoing?

    Having THE MANOLO notice it and make the special comment!

    Muchos Besos, The Manolo!

  14. Seriously, who had to post that Ronnie Johns link – especially in a Rich Fulcher article; Ronnie Johns Show was on the same par as The Wedge and other such crap – don’t insult this article and embarrass Australia like that!!!

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