(Re)cycler: YA science fiction that tackles sex, gender with a lot of smarts


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  1. LB says:

    I disagree; I thought the first book was rather dumb at times. Silly mad-cap antics, a lot of the characters weren’t fleshed out enough, and too much was left unexplained presumably because McLaughlin knew she was going to be able to write a sequel.

    Don’t know if I’ll give this one a look, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to see if the books are getting better.

  2. jjasper says:

    I’m with LB. The original didn’t actually do much to encourage thinking about real gender issues, and went backwards in terms of transgender awareness.

  3. samuraijenn says:

    I have to agree with LB…the first book was just so…bad, for lack of a better word. None of the characters were really likable and they really weren’t developed well at all. Jill had to be one of the most insipid, whiny characters I’ve read about, with the exception of Bella from Twilight. If the second book is much better, than I’d consider reading. Otherwise, forget it.

  4. anonymous says:

    From the other comments it appears that this is just a novelty plot device, perhaps used to push sales to people who want to think they’re progressive thinkers? :) Seriously, reading the line about how she turns into a boy for 4 days every month, it sounds like the author just cued off feeling “unfeminine” during menstruation. Although I must admit it would be interesting to see whether she presents the boy-Jill and girl-Jill as having different mental perspectives, and why Jill’s friend would only date the boy version (whether it’s shown to be just a physical attraction, instead of an attraction to the person, etc.) (Maybe I’m just showing my own bias to pansexuality and an interest in true genderqueers, however?)

  5. Godot says:

    So, it’s a wereboy-story?

  6. wil9000 says:

    Definitely NOT YA Fiction, back in the late 70′s, the National Lampoon Magazine published two stories, “My Penis” and “My Vagina”, in a somewhat similar vein. They’re pretty damn funny, IMHO.
    I found them here:



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