My DIY publishing experiment, WITH A LITTLE HELP


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  1. bottyguy says:

    I thought I would mention that Lulu, the book “publisher” just moved their offices into a new building in Raleigh, near NC State University. They took over an old warehouse previously used by a heavy equipment rental company (North Carolina Equipment).

    It’s a great reuse of space in an urban area of Raleigh (they were in a distant warehouse space near the sprawl by the RDU airport). They even kept the funky tractor sign on the roof. From the front it still looks like an industrial building, from the side and back its modern offices.


    Lulu’s CEO, Bob Young, seems to be a pretty good citizen as well as entrepreneur. He seems happy to work on projects that will take a while to take off.

  2. ElTimbalino says:

    Love “All the financials for the book will be disclosed online and bound into the books on a monthly basis. ”

    When comparing the results against your baseline, I think you should consider the relationships between 1st and 2nd collections that are commercially published. Like, if you are a really dreadful author and your second book comes out really profitable that is a great example of the power of your publishing model.

    Unfortunately, for the sake of this experiment, you are not a dreadful author. Infact, after reading “Little Brother” I would buy your hard copy “With a Little Help” in a ‘wander-b[u]y’ while shopping.

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