Weirdest Beatles cover ever by creepy Hungarian ventrilo-choir

Worst and weirdest Beatles cover ever. A choir of ventriloquistic monstrosity, from Hungary. Nabbed from Robert Popper's newfangled webble-site.


      1. Well, the sign simply says “The Conan O’Brien Show (NBC) Ventriloquist Choir” – as the name of the band. So basically what Bonnie said.

  1. Pretty clear they’re not Hungarian – they’re an American group who travelled to Hungary.

    Puppets singing out of tune. Mmmmm.

  2. Yeah, this’ll pop back up in a nightmare soon. Thanks, Xeni. Can’t sleep, creepy puppets will sing to me.

  3. This is more a bizarro video than a weird cover – Laibach pwns Beatles covers. Here is a link to Get Back on youtube:

    But IMHO their crowning achievement in Beatles covers is their version of One After 909. Oh my. Never want it to end.

    They do a great version of the Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil (actually sounds like the devil narrating) and Queen’s One Vision, too.

    1. That Laibach cover is amazing. I’ve been meaning to listen to them and that just gave me more than enough reason to get on it.

  4. Do not watch this while high.

    It will freak you right the fuck out.

    Uh, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

  5. Laibach is worthy of a few posts themselves.. haha.. they are one of the best conceptual and political bands (though not as ear-friendly as the Clash), and they, like the Clash, do a lot of covers for fun or for symbolic reasons. to quote Mute Records:

    “By remolding The Beatles’ least successful LP [Let It Be] in their own image, they were in essence paralleling the disintegration of pop’s utopian dream contrasting it with the accelerating disintegration of Tito’s dream of a single multi-cultural Yugoslavia.”

    They are pretty cool, and the only Slovenes you will probably hear of in the US.

    Also, those puppets are not cool at all.

  6. The Ventrilo-choir were Conan regulars. In fact, Conan had them document that trip to Budapest and their appearance on that show for his Late Night Show here:

  7. I should have said Laibach does MANY great versions of Sympathy for the Devil.

    Covers aside, they have some great original music too.

  8. Just a correction: while the show was recorded in Hungary (it was a Jay Leno-like late night TV show, called Friderikusz show, named after the host, Mr Friderikusz (bio in Hungarian here:, the choir is from NBC, from the Conan O’Brien show.
    Looking at the comments, I understand why they do not perform too often on his show :-)

  9. Thanks for the nightmares!
    It looks like the big dummies are going to cut the little dummies hair in the rain.

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