Dr. Sketchy's Roadshow

(Dr. Sketchy figure model D.D.)

Bob Self says:

Molly Crabapple's DIY alternative figure drawing empire, known as Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, boasts branches in over 80 cities internationally, but there's still a whole lot of world out there.

With that in mind, the crew from Dr. Sketchy's Los Angeles is packing the van and hitting the asphalt to bring Dr. Sketchy's Roadshow to a town near you. Beginning with an inaugural haul around California between November 2nd and 14th, the roadshow will make stops in Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Sherman Oaks, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, Monterey, San Jose, Sacramento, Alhambra, and two more cities TBD.

Artist and art voyeurs need only bring a $10 donation and their favorite drawing supplies. Dr. Sketchy's and the Roadshow's art-centric host venues will provide everything else (top notch models, refreshments, casual networking opportunities, and an all around good time).

Dr. Sketchy's Roadshow


  1. First I cross paths with my neighbor who was wearing some Halloween outfit that had stockings and small bit of leg between the very short skirt and this. She was on her way work. I don’t think that’s a good ideal considering the affect it had on me.

  2. Wow! Hurray for Dr Sketchy’s Road Show!
    I’ve seen Molly Crabapple’s artwork and it’s
    truly fantastic! What a talent!

  3. When they get around to the live action Venture Brothers series, D.D. up there is a shoe in to portray Molotov Cocktease!

    (Spoiler. As far as I know, there are NO PLANS for a live action Venture Brothers series.)

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