3D printed ban-hammer

Chris sez, "I made a thing! This thing did not exist before I decided to make it. John Young called out to me from his universe, 'Make me a Ban Hammer!' So after a little 3D modeling and research, I conjured into existence the worlds only real Ban Hammer. If you are so able and inclined, you can print your own with the instructions given here."

Sisters and brothers, these are the first days of a new golden age of kipple.

Ban Hammer: 3D printed (Thanks, Chris!)


  1. a new golden age of kipple.

    Oh gawd, it’s bad enough when you have a dozen slightly different printouts of a design lying around your desk, or all those CDs burned with old versions of the file, imagine the scene when your office is full of 15,934 poorly-proportioned facsimiles of the Eiffel Tower, twenty percent of which are broken…

    1. At Hive76 we are saving all the broken bits of ABS to try and recycle it. Acetone will make it into a moldable goop. But of course, there’s still a layer of kipple around.

  2. I wonder if it would leave a red mark that says BAN on someone’s forehead.

    Quick, someone test this on a sibling!

  3. So, I presume a couple of these are going to turn up in the supply-closet, Cory?

    Any word on that consignment of Troll’s Bane?

  4. I would have just bought three plastic characters and glued them to a big hammer, but I can understand the pleasure of DIY

    1. Here you go:

      (Has anyone done a study figuring out why otherwise intelligent people will go through all the time and effort of typing a whole English language question and deciphering a captcha to get an answer to a simple question that would take 2 seconds in an average search engine?)

  5. I have a friend that is both an IRC admin and works
    in a package store selling beer. This may replace the cosh under the counter.

  6. You could make a far more heavy-duty version of this, too. Most people don’t have a CNC plasma cutter on hand, but you can hire it out to someone else, to cut the letters out of 0.25″ steel plate (woo!)

    Then all you need is a sledgehammer head and enough welding skill to attach the letters to it. Be sure to mount the hammer on a sturdy handle, as you’ll be swinging it against a LOT of hard heads.

  7. @Zadaz,
    For the same reason discussion threads exist-to enter a discussion. Maybe to engage in some human interaction? I’d rather read a (possibly funny) summation rather than scroll through some emotionless article. Maybe that’s just me.

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