How to make an electric bass guitar from a 2X4

2X4Bass This 1961 issue of Science & Mechanics features instructions for building an electric bass out of a 2 x 4 (left). Lot of other homemade instrument plans are available at Cigar Box Nation.

Fun with a 2 x 4 electric bass


  1. Okay, the 2×4 bass is kinda cool–but I’m digging that triple neck steel guitar with the TV dinner tray legs! Got plans for making that? That would be perfect for playing steel along with Alvino Ray and the King Sisters.

  2. Mark is officially my favorite BoingBoinger. Thanks for the link; I know what the special bassist in my life is getting for Christmas! (Maybe Christmas 2015; I’m not the world’s handiest person.)

  3. Could someone PLEASE show me how to download these bass 2×4 plans! I’ve been all over the net for hours. The cigar box nation link just freezes my pc – every #$!@# time.

    It’s supposed to be in word and I’d love it soooo much.

    Pls help someone!!! TOM.

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