Maker Shed kiosks at Fry's


If you find yourself at a Fry's in California, you might see one of these handsome Maker Shed kiosks. The Make team did a great job coming up with an attractive kiosk that took up just 4 square feet of floor space.

Gareth writes: "We think this is big news, not only for Maker Media, but for all indie makers -- a major retail chain is now giving small kit-makers this level of exposure. And, we think it's particularly cool that we designed and built these kiosks in-house, and even personally delivered them to the stores! What other publisher could claim that?"

Maker Shed kiosks at Fry's


  1. Wow 4 feet eh? It’s nearly the size of the watch battery case! Or the pointless huge red pipe next to it!

    Seriously though this is cool. You know how the selection of awesomeness of Radio Shack has been steadily declining for the past 30 years? Well maybe this is the opposite. Maybe next year they’ll get 6 feet! :-)

  2. For us Canadians, and anyone else reading BB from outside the U.S. (you have a few), a description of what Fry’s is or a link to the company’s web site would have been helpful. Love the stand and love Make, even though I have yet to actually make anything I’ve seen in the magazine.

  3. this is great! frys hobby and microcontroller kits are usually limited to simple or overpriced offerings from parallax like basic stamp or propeller hydra kits. awesome to see a platform like arduino get some retail exposure.

  4. libraryboi, here’s part of Douglas Coupland’s description of Fry’s from his book Microserfs:

    “Near the EPROM shelves, Karla, Todd, and I were marveling at the pyramids of Hostess products, the miles of computing magazines, the cascade of nerdiana lifestyle accessories: telecom wiring supplies, clips, pornography, razors, Doritos, chemicals for etching boards, and all the components of the intangible Rube Goldberg machines that lie just beneath the Stealth black plastic exterior of the latest $1,299.99 gizmo.”

  5. Last Christmas, I hit up several Fry’s and bookstores in the bay area trying to find a copy of Craft.

    No dice. It was quite a frustrating experience. Of course, they all had plenty of copies of Make.

  6. The red tube is a microwave klystron tube and cavity.

    And your microwave oven uses a klystron tube to cook your food, so not so pointless, dfletcher.

  7. As a total Midwesterner, it took me a long time to figure out that Fry’s was not in fact a Futurama reference. It still sometimes throws me into a crazy space time alternate universe brain tangle though.

    P.S. That kiosk is pretty sweet.

  8. That pic is either Fremont or Sunnyvale (I think the latter). No Maker shed in Sacramento. Grr. Argh. Time to make the trip to Mecca…or Make-h?

  9. yep, that’s the sunnyvale fry’s. i remember when it moved to that location and they were touting all the computer history stuff inside… it kind of took me forever to find the artifacts. somehow i thought it would all be in its own room or something.

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