Gauntlet's strange echoes: "Wizard, as an ironist, you alone receive some sense of subjective freedom."


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  1. cymk says:

    Ah, many a fine afternoon was spent punking quarters and shooting food.

  2. Anonymous says:

    See also “Warrior Needs Food, Badly” by Adam Cadre.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    $5! What a rip!

  4. mellowknees says:

    I always shot the food.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I second the motion on Lucky Wander Boy. It was fantastic.

    Also, check “Blue Wizard is About To Die!” about video game poetry. It’s good too.

  6. Hagrid says:

    Sometimes, late at night, my stomach will grumble, and a long-ago voice will bubble up from my unconscious:

    “Valkyrie needs food, badly!”

  7. GabeMcGrath says:

    @Dole – *thanks* for reminding me of “Get Medieval”!
    My wife & I used to love playing that together.

    I’ll have to hunt it down again… :-)

  8. Anonymous says:

    A really excellent book to check out in this vein is “Lucky Wander Boy” by DB Weiss. The majority of this book is devoted to the themes of reading between the lines in old videogames and the implications it has on a 20 something burnout. Fun fact! The author is now working on the Song of Ice and Fire HBO series.

  9. dole says:

    Evidently the Gauntlet DS engine was used for the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra game, and bodes badly for any proper release. :(

    I thought the Gauntlet arcade and other sequels weren’t too bad, followed the general concept well enough even if it was 3D. If they could redo a top-down Gauntlet something close to GTA: Chinatown Wars, I could dig it.

    I remember gushing over Get Medieval back in the day also.

  10. dhalgren says:

    Gauntlet and the Pizza Eatery go hand and hand with myself and 3 of my best friends. If you know where the V.A. Hospital is next to Cal State Long Beach, well across the street there was a place ages ago called the Pizza Eatery. I’ll never forget the first time dropping quarters into Gauntlet. $20 and $40 would disappear as time flew by day after day. That game sucked away more of my hard earned money as a teenager more than any other game, along with the square pizzas pumped out by the Pizza Eatery and gallons of Coke. Yes their pizza was square.

    The Pizza Eatery is long gone but to this day my best friends Kevin and Mike still quote Gauntlet when we are hungry. That is all anyone needs to say about a game that even all these years later we still quote it, and when we do we miss playing that game.

  11. randalll says:

    So many hours playing gauntlet on the NES in the late 80s/early 90s.

    so, so many hours.

  12. rootchick says:

    There’s also this:

    Also, somehow my husband and I started calling each other “Wizard”. But we *are* weird. :D

  13. cha0tic says:

    Gauntlet is one of the reasons my brother is a hero to me. He managed to play the game for a whole day on just one credit.

  14. Cowicide says:

    “DS remake” link is broken, here’s the fix without quote string at end:

  15. JonGilbert says:

    This is of course a subjective response, but I take great personal offense with the phrase “most of the sequels have been mediocre.” Sure, Seven Sorrows could have been much better, but Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (both in coin-op and console variants) was exceptional in gameplay mechanics, graphics, and re-playability. I probably have dumped more time on that game than most I’ve played, and would still seriously consider it over many current offerings on, say, XBL. It’s a great title, and a worthy followup to the original.

    • Rob Beschizza says:

      “I take great personal offense with the phrase “most of the sequels have been mediocre.” … Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (both in coin-op and console variants) was exceptional.”

      I said “most,” not “all!”

  16. Anonymous says:

    From the story: The character Glodeg, his name is an anagram of Ed Logg:

    Organ playing a “mysterious fugue”:

    “finders keepers!”

    Quaestor (secretary) of the Order of “St. Aelfred” = Elf

    Greek fire = Dragon

  17. Cory Doctorow says:

    The first gold-farmer I ever knew was a guy, about 20, who hung out at the Sheppard Centre arcade in North York, near the high school I attended for the first 2 years of my 7 year career.

    He was a part-time hash dealer, but his clients only came in at lunch and after school, so mostly he just played the shit out of Gauntlet, running it all day on one or two quarters. By the time we 14 and 15 year olds trickled in, he’d have some monster character built up, and he’d sell it off for $5 or more to the highest bidder, then mooch around selling hash to the rest of us.

    My ringtone is still “Valyrie, your life-force is running out!”

  18. PimpMyNintendo says:

    Gauntlet was an awesome game

  19. dculberson says:

    Valkyrie: Still Hot.

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