Flame thrower and potato cannon project posters

Flamethrower 6 X 9 150 Dpi

William Gurstelle, a contributing editor at MAKE, has produced a series of project posters, measuring 36" x 24". The first two in the series are available on his web site, Ballisticom.

Potato Cannon: This device fires a potato at speeds approaching 100 mph. The poster includes information on a variety of ignition options including taser, piezo, and flint/steel systems. Clear and concise directions; outstanding performance!

Flamethrower: Technically, this is a propane cannon, as it uses commonly available propane as opposed to the much more dangerous type using gasoline or kerosene. Complete information including key parts and supplies, dimensions, safe operating instructions, and more.

Flame thrower and potato cannon project posters


  1. Very cool subject for a poster. However, there are too many design no-no’s that I wouldn’t be able to take it (i.e. rivers, no left indentation etc.)

  2. Well it IS easier to shoot flame UPWARD since hot combustion products rise. Which is arguably why you WANT to shoot flamable liquid out of a flamethrower: you’re shooting a stream that’s heavy enough for a fair amount of horizontal motion.

  3. It’s not much of a flamethrower if it isn’t actually throwing a burning fluid onto the target. That’s more of a giant home-made lighter.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, a fireball on demand machine IS cool, but if you’re not THROWING flame, it’s not really a flamethrower.

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