Your ugly snow shovel violates our community rules

Is a snow shovel left on the front porch a violation of neighborhood association laws? This email exchange shows what happens when suburbanites stop being polite ... and start getting real.(Thanks, Mark B.!)


    1. Real? Highly doubtful.

      Someone in my complex just poisoned a tree to spite the HOA. I don’t find it doubtful in the least.

      1. You’re right. Whether or not this exchange is actual is not the point, because pettiness this bad or worse happens every day.

        Besides, yelling “FAKE” is tiresome, I should know better. Mea culpa.

  1. Obviously, neither #1 or #2 never lived in an HOA controlled neighborhood. There’s a very good chance this is real.

  2. I am very, very glad that I don’t live under the iron heel of an HOA; but their existence kind of warms my heart.

    I think of them every time I hear some naive interwebs-libertarian droning on about how we would all be better off if we replaced government with contract…

  3. I am just under 3 weeks from moving into my very first ‘home of my own’. The neighborhood is actually under TWO HOAs. I can hardly wait.

  4. I have no doubt this is legitimate.

    And HOAs are like many things in life: good ideas that often fall apart when you put real people in the mix. They work fine and make things easier for homeowners as long as nobody is abusing the system.

  5. I used to work for a management company that handled the majority of HOA’s in San Diego. It paid well for a college student, lots of ways to make extra cash – typing the newsletter, taking minutes of board meetings, etc. But let me tell you, HOA’s seem to collect the worst of humanity. Petty, snide, hypocritical, spying … and the complains people used to make to us! Someone hung red curtains in their living room and they *gasp* visible from the street. Someone planted (decorative) kale in the front yard and were clearly trying to farm. One woman actually called on all her Hispanic neighbors and tried to make us call the FBI and have them deported as terrorists.

  6. Have you read “A Flock of Lawn flamingos” by Pat Murphy? It’s an amusing story in which she pokes fun at HOA rules and idiot rule nazi neighbors.

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