Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition, March 12-14 in Emeryville, CA


typeth.jpg The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition takes place March 12-14 in Emeryville, CA. Organizers promise "the best elements of traditional science fiction and fantasy conventions, [combined] with the passion, ingenuity, and hands-on workshops of Maker events, in a steam-powered, neo-Victorian setting that spans the 1830s through the early 1910s, from the cultured salons of gaslit London to the rugged coast of San Francisco." Sure sounds fun. I'm delighted to see a number of folks we've covered on Boing Boing before, including Jon Sarriugarte, Kimric Smythe, and The Neverwas Haul Crew in the "kinetics" portion of the event.

[ Image: Neverwas Haul, photo by Redteam. ]



  1. For a real look back at the age of steam, March 14th and 20th will see 5 historic steam locomotives operating at the Niles Canyon Railway in nearby Fremont, CA

  2. That thing is so cool I want to rent a room in it. “Yeah, that’s where I work. BAM! What about you?”

  3. This immediately brought to mind one of my favorite childhood books ‘The mice and the clockwork bus’. If you added a giant hat as a roof the look would be complete…

  4. (from Nova Albion): Thanks for the mention, Xeni!

    We just added a pretty amazing last-minute session for Sunday afternoon – the Executive Producers for a haunting (and disturbing)Steampunk-themed film called The Marionette Unit will be showing the trailer and concept art – it’s pretty eerie stuff & I thought your readers might be interested… (more info on the Steampunk Exhibition’s home page you’ve linked to, above).

    Fond regards,

    Miss Skittles

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