Alexander McQueen on Charlie Rose, 1997

mcqueen.jpg BB pal Mister Jalopy points us to this Charlie Rose episode, viewable (for folks in the USA, anyway) on Hulu. The episode contains a good fashion roundtable followed by a heartbreaking and inspiring conversation with Alexander McQueen from 1997.

The Rose/McQueen conversation starts right around 45 minutes into the show, and explores his personal and creative history, and his vision of the sort of idealized woman he designs for. The most interesting and revealing piece of media I've seen on the late fashion icon. He is missed.

Charlie Rose, Season 18, Ep. 35 (52:27).

Update: BB pal Brian Ashcraft says, "The Charlie Rose Show website has clips viewable to those outside the US. So no need for Hulu! It's under the recent shows sidebar." Thanks!


  1. Xeni, I’d like to thank you for letting us know it’s region-blocked, rather than just linking to it. It’s always aggravating to find out the other way.

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