Pages from Jim Woodring's Moleskine sketchbook

201002260853 Visit Jim Woodring's site for a close up look at his Moleskine sketchbook.



  1. brilliant. beautiful. mesmerizing.

    lightyears above the fecal sea of most contemporary “artists,” woodring shines like a beacon of psychedelica (and i do mean that in the most shamanic possible way).

  2. is the fact of the notebook being moleskine in any way relevant to anything? I mean we don’t even know what colour shirt he was wearing when he drew these!

    1. “we don’t even know what colour shirt he was wearing when he drew these”

      If you look at those Moleskine pages, you’ll see a very faint reflection of Jim’s red and black coloured lumberjack shirt.

  3. Whew. I’m really glad his roughs don’t make my brain start vibrating the way his fully-finished work does. Something about those repeated wobbly horizontal lines he uses makes all his art just drip queasy uncomfortableness for me, and I start to be afraid his particular brand of craziness is visually-transmittible…

  4. To even the balance, I have a Moleskine 2010 diary and it is rubbish. The pages are so thin it can’t handle fountain pen. Hemmingway would have been disappointed.

  5. @2 Jim has suffered from uncontrollable hallucinations for as long as he can remember. He draws them to exercise some control over them and his life.

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