Robert Popper's greatest prank yet: Tangerinegate

British comedian/writer/prankster Robert Popper recently managed to convince a radio host that embattled UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown once did something inappropriate with a tangerine. One after another, tabloid press and lazy legit papers picked up Popper's prank call as real. The result: Tangerinegate (more here). Biggest coup, IMO, was the Hong Kong animators bringing it to life.


  1. Isn’t it common for these kind of pranks to succeed around New Years? I think the theory is that more experienced journalists and editors are on vacation. Now that they have been laid-off entirely, I guess we get to enjoy them all year round!

  2. “something inappropriate with a tangerine”
    This brought much more colorful images to mind than merely throwing it in a lamination machine.

  3. Well, if you’re the lamination machine, I’d imagine you’d find being pelted by a tangerine a pretty inappropriate thing.

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