Miniature cities on household objects


5 Responses to “Miniature cities on household objects”

  1. Scuba SM says:

    I saw that and imagined a short story where tiny people build cities on anything you leave alone for too long, and the frustration it causes.

  2. Nadreck says:

    I can just see it gliding across the set of a classic Dr. Who episode like Robots of Death.

  3. Axx says:

    That’s really great. I used to play this game all the time when I was a kid — that is, imagining that ordinary things are tiny cities, or spaceports, or fortresses. What a wonderful idea for an art project!

  4. gwailo_joe says:

    It looks great. . .but my power strips get so dusty already. . .and I’d like mine grounded please. . .

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