Trololo guy watches fans imitate him on YouTube

trololoth.jpg In the video above, the guy the internet knows now as "Mr Trololo," whose real name is Eduard Khil, is interviewed by Russian journalists in Saint-Petersburg while he watches and comments on a number of fan-videos created by his internet admirers. Watch the video.

Among the funnier remixes of the original clip is "Trololo guy without Autotune," from College Humor.

(via Ethan Zuckerman, thanks weaponx)


  1. It’s nice to see the creator of an internet meme who actually deserves the attention. Give this guy a TV show here in the States. I would watch it.

  2. Was just about to post his international response. I see it’s already been covered.
    He still sounds like a ridiculously admirable fellow. Canadian’s might just have it easy in this contest- ‘Yeh’ is far too similar to ‘Eh.’
    Oh stereotypes, how I love you.

  3. He says that these aren’t parody videos, but rather videos of people sharing in the joy of the song. By being such a cool, lighthearted guy, he makes this statement ring true.

  4. He does have a great sense of humor about all of this hubbub over an old Soviet-era variety program.

  5. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. His grace and charm and handling of this as something fun as opposed to something insulting put him head and shoulder above American celebs and their kneejerk responses to most things.

  6. This feels like an even stronger case of a meme looping back on itself than Gary Brolsma and the Numa Numa Dance. It also feels a little like watching a snake eat its own tail. Awesome and *weird*.

    I love how he leads the crew in the studio in song at the end – it’s fun to see someone else have so much fun.

  7. You know, I genuinely like the song. The guy’s got a damn good voice and he’s a great man to be able to look at the sudden furor around it and smile. It’s what I listen to first thing in the morning. The guy’s a genius.

  8. When was the original shot? Cuz I thought it looked so old, the guy would be dead by now… and then this Internet angle pops up.. kind of blew my mind.

    And I look forward to more from Christoph Waltz. He was really good in that bit.

  9. He is great. When I first heard his song, I was thinking What the F is this?
    Then it caught me by the ear and became stuck in my head, but I did not mind–it was such a happy tune.

    Yes, Eduard, people are doing these covers because you make them happy. “Cpaciba” for your performance. (sorry: no cyrillic font)

  10. For some reason, I felt like this is a scene out of a movie.

    “malkovich malkovich malkovich. malkovich malkovich? malkovich malkovich malkovich. malkovich!”

  11. Lol, thats awesome. I thought the trololo thing was a super old video that people had just discovered. Its really cool to see how like, it actually got coverage and everything. XD
    And that dude rocks!

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