Art of the Toilet Seat

Screen Shot 2010-03-26 At 11.48.45 Am The Tattoo Factory in Chicago is featuring a show of paintings on toilet seats. It opens tonight! (Top left: Kirsten Easthope. Top right: Derek Yaniger. Bottom row: Mitch O'Connell). 

Opening Night Friday, March 26th 6pm - 11pm

The Tattoo Factory Gallery

4443 N. Broadway

Chicago, Il. 60640

Art of the Toilet Seat


  1. I really, really enjoy Derek Yaniger’s art. And Mitch O’Connell is, of course, absolutely genius.

  2. The ‘leave the seat down’ image should be printed on the in side of the toilet seat lid!

  3. Is any of the art actually on the toilet seat or is it all on the lid as shown in the pictures?

  4. What a great idea, my Tiki toilet lid carving by Josh Collins is getting a rough around the edges, time to replace it with some fresh art!

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