Insane Clown Posse "Miracles" video


To fully appreciate the Insane Clown Posse science textbook parody, you must first witness the actually pretty awesome video above, for "Miracles," off their 2009 album Bang Pow Boom. And I ain't even hatin', fool. "There's magic everywhere in this bitch."

BONUS: Duckface at 3:30. (via Videogum)


    1. Exactly what I was going to say. First comment made me spit my tea. Can’t believe these guys are still here. You’d think the Faygo would’ve kill them off.

  1. Wow. Gotta say, I’m impressed. And shocked at myself for saying that about an INSANE FUCKING CLOWN POSSE VIDEO.

    Needless to say, video is cheezy as hell and the music definitely sucks. But dude’s talking about lucid contemplation of the universe, the beauty in small things, finding everyday miracles without needing a god. I can’t help but agree! WITH INSANE CLOWN POSSE!!!

    Even the whole “fuck scientists” part is kind of understandable – science is awesome but the enjoyment should come from the things you learn about what’s around you, not tech pr0n for the sake of it.

    Too bad in practice juggalos tend to be a bunch of homophobic macho pricks…

    1. No. Not ‘fuck scientists’. That’s what the creationists and the climate-change deniers and the oil companies want us to think. Intelligent people don’t agree with someone who says ‘fuck scientists’. Ever.

  2. I can’t believe I got suckered into watching that, ugh. The sentiment is alright, but the “music” is like worst place in the junior high talent show. No bueno on my Saturday morning, boing boing.

  3. That was 100% insanely awesome! That is definitely going in my Youtube favorites list. Can I haz a Fuck’n Rainbows t-shirt?

  4. Yes, the “video” is quite good, but man. . . even though the theme of the lyrics is pretty good too, the actual music and rhyming is ridiculously weak and simplistic. I’m willing to give them props when props are due, but musically this is not much better than a demo that would get laughed at and tossed in the trash at most record labels (trust me, I’ve been there.) I guess that’s why ICP self-releases all their stuff.

    Case in point:

    1. “I guess that’s why ICP self-releases all their stuff.”

      You say that like it’s a bad thing, forget that noise.. so much amazing independent music, nothing wrong with self releasing, in 2010 it’s where it’s at. Real gangstaz don’t need a big label to know they achieved something.

      Not an ICP fan by any measure, cheeze for for, but now I have some respect for these guys. Salute!

  5. Not in line with the style, but the message was pure beauty. When the press of living gets to be a bit much, it is hard to remember to be grateful for being alive. This video brought that home to me and made me feel so much better about things in general. Thanks.

  6. Yeah they suck and Bloodhound Gang did the same schtick first and much more cleverly, but still fun little video.

    I sort of associate the rise of the Jugaloo ‘movement’ the same way I do the rise of the Teabaggers; lumpen, hysterical mobs that are all about disdaining civility, hating on the conventional over-culture and spelling badly.

    1. Love ballads are actually pretty common in many genre’s of metal. they just might not be the kind your used too.

      or maybe some

      having said that, i was a juggalo in my younger years. believe it or not its all about the community. while the lyrics and music can be terrible – they can also connect thousands of people that feel the same about something. for every Mr Johnsons head there is a *

      there is a reason they have outsold a large majority of the popular artists you probaly listen too today.

      *i personaly do not enjoy this song, but the idea and message rings strongly with me

  7. Kind of depressing really. I mean not wanting to know how and why and just being happy with being as ignorant as possible. Great.

    Yeah, fuck reason. That’s a fuckin miracle right there. Don’t tell me no shit bout waves and shit if sound was like the ocean we couldn’t breath and shit, right yo?

    Hey if it makes you happy whatever, but then crack makes a lot of people happy too so yeah… whatever.

    1. >> It’s like a bizarro Christian rap metal song. Wow.

      That was precisely my thought when watching this. If you were to take out the dudes with their clown make-up and replace them with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, the content would translate seamlessly.

      And as a lifelong fan of hip hop, that flow is awkward, inept, and just plain ass-awful.

      1. Your lifelong interest in hip hop has diminished your experience. You can now only see the awkward flow, where someone who didn’t know anything about hip hop would have a richer, more pleasing experience.

          1. it does make sense in a slightly warped way.
            while a person with no previous interest in hip-hop
            *might* enjoy a given song more, the richness of that
            experience is subjective, and its quality or pleasingness
            definitely debatable.
            i would like to add that maybe a person who listens to
            hip-hop of this quality, on the contrary, could have
            an awful experience and back away from the genre from life,
            or just go on listening to near-worthless hip-hop the rest
            of his or her life.

    2. Except that anyone notice they climb a Tower of Babylon in order worship the all-devouring Sun God?

  8. I was talking about this last night with someone and I think this goes beyond “willful ignorance” and approaches “aggressive ignorance”.

    But i am not going to ask a fuckin’ Scientist about it cuz they lyin’ and pissin’ me off.

  9. Actually, no. I was kinda on board for a while- sure, “fuckin rainbows”, but it was sort of charming to watch them try to articulate something they clearly aren’t up to… but they were *trying*. Up until those lying little scientists. So, no. Not awesome.

    1. Agnostic theists.

      They’d have to accept Jesus to be Christian. Sounds more like they’re sure there’s some kind of God (and shit) because of the miracles but they’re proud of being unwilling to think any further than that and if they did would probably say its “unknowable” anyway hence a-gnostic.

    2. no you idiot, they believe in a higher power, the dark carnival, they do believe that there is a hell and shang-ri-la(heaven) but

  10. So.. sounds like the Christian “teach the controversy” folks have infiltrated the Jugalos… two groups I people I could care less about. Perhaps they will annihilate each other in some kind of matter/anti-matter fashion.

  11. I had my ICP-sucks response all worded out in my head as I pushed play on the video. But you were right, this is f’ing awesome.

  12. They’ve just come out as christians, and basically said that they’ve tried to trick all the juggalos into believing in christ.

    [Violent J:] “You have to interest them, gain their trust, talk to them and show you’re one of them. You’re a person from the street and speak of your experiences. Then at the end you can tell them God has helped me out like this and it might transfer over instead of just come straight out and just speak straight out of religion.”

    I think “Fuckin’ magnets, how do they work?” might be my favourite lyric.

    1. Then at the end you can tell them God has helped me out like this and it might transfer over instead of just come straight out and just speak straight out of religion.

      Heh! Fuckin’ missionaries in a hip hop guise?

  13. Not my kinda music, but yeah, I really do dig the sentiment, ESPECIALLY regarding the scientists.
    Because they really have a knack in taking the magical element out of things.

    Magic everywhere dude!

    1. I’m sorry you have such a jaundiced view of science, especially since the principal motivation for many people who go into science is wonderment and awe at the natural world. We think learning what really makes a rainbow, or how magnets really work (to pick a couple of relevant examples) is magical and wonderful.

  14. For those who call the ICP willfully ignorant, you are correct. It takes all kinds to form a society and not everybody can, or should be, a scientist or have the same level of curiosity in how things work. For them, direct experience of these wonders is enough. If a scientist looks at a rainbow and sees only prismatic light refraction from water vapor, then that is his choice. Just as it is the ICP’s choice to delight in the beauty of the same and use vulgarities to describe it. Yes, the music was slightly insipid and the rhymes clumsy at best, but the message is to view the world with child-like wonder and thereby retain a little of what you lost to adulthood. Parse it, examine it, dissect it and lose the wonder. They didn’t say don’t do it. They just said that they will not. What’s wrong with that?

    1. Right on. I don’t get the anti-science sentiment. It’s a love song to the miracle of life. If that makes some people uncomfortable, I suggest they investigate why.

      1. Because if your ability to view the miracle of life comes only at the price of hate, of willful ignorance, or of contempt for learning then it’s really not an appreciation for the phenomenon anymore.

        It’s like saying “you’re pretty when I’m drunk” which really isn’t a compliment at that point.

    2. “If a scientist looks at a rainbow and sees only prismatic light refraction from water vapor, then that is his choice.”

      Only? Only? That word right there shows you’re buying into that bullshit.

      Awe leads to interest. Interest leads to curiosity. Curiosity leads to learning. Learning leads to the dark side.

      Do you ruin your appreciation of food by learning how to cook? Maybe it ruins your love of Kraft Dinner. Do wine connoisseurs enjoy wine less than a guy who just wants to get drunk? I guess only one of them will be happy with a cheap gallon jug. Maybe, it’s nuanced.

      But don’t go saying “only” at me, like their knowledge would limit their experience more than their ignorance would, because that is complete bullshit.

      1. Yes, rrh. I realized my error after I hit submit. Never “only”, of course not. But some do. You have to admit that. To some, the process of discovering the mechanics of phenomena adds to the awe (I happen to be one of these). For some, it reduces it, and others are just not capable. That is what I was trying to say, and was apparently not successful at.

        This is the first Insane Clown Posse song I have heard. Don’t care for any more of it, either.

    3. They’re promoting an idea to young, already undereducated people that anti-intellectualism is ok, and you seem to have bought that idea wholesale. Well done.

  15. Sadly, I’d have to say this is my least favorite song on the album. Check out “zombie slide” or “in yo face,” pretty awesome stuff. Then again you guys hate them so you hate it all. Doesn’t matter, I’m sure they’ll take publicity, even the bad kind.

    1. You misunderstand the term “Juggalo” just as most. And I don’t intend on trying to explain it.

      I personally think this is one of the best songs on the cd. I hope ICP continues to make the MEANINGFUL music that keeps them #1 for me. Their music has helped me see life in a whole new aspect. I fell in love with their music about a year before the Wraith’s release and will never stop listening to it.

      J and/or Shags, if you read this, don’t stop what you’re doing. Even though most may “diss” your music, I know as well as you do, that there are others out there (like me) that will never stop collecting music made by PSY records.

  16. my girl Xeni a juggalette?! that shit is whack yo, like all big tent and shit yo, she’s down wit da clownz. Yo Xeni, see you at Cave-In-Rock, I’ll save a Faygo for ya!

  17. Applying science to learn how things work will reveal even more apparent miracles, not less.

    Music for example. Electronics, the physics of sound pressure waves, the biology of your ear, the psychology of music itself…

    Yeah, it’s ‘just in the air’.


  18. Kinda neat video. And nice to recognize that all these things they note are beautiful. Child like wonder is beautiful and awesome. But it’s couched in disdain for trying to understand the world. That doesn’t make sense. It’s fine they don’t feel like analyzing why a rainbow is made, but that ‘fuck scientists’ line? Come on!!? The whole point of science is to bask in that wonder they’re describing here.

    Knowing how a rainbow is made doesn’t make it any less beautiful, stunning, or numinous. It doesn’t make it FEEL any less ‘miraculous.’ Understanding how a rainbow is made is another way of experiencing how cool nature is! Why are ICP (and a few commenters here!) dissing that??

    1. JT, THANK YOU so much for mentioning the Symphony of Science link.

      I checked it out and was instantly cured and enlightened!
      I recommend this page for Unicorn Chasers in the future.

      And totally urge everyone to go there, and watch the videos – I really enjoyed the last one and the first. And go vote for Glorious Dawn for the Webby in the Video/Mashup category!

  19. “I seen shit that’d shock the backa yo eyelids”-WORD

    So wait, are they really anti-science Christians? I thought they were just being ironic, like Dr. Science.

  20. “A pelican tried to eat my cellphone” and “fucking magnets… how does that shit work?”

    Clearly miracles.

    Also, scientists… STFU. You’re just making ICP pissed.

  21. Xeni, I salute you for successful trolling. Let it be remembered that BB still has internet street cred, in that its administrators are unafraid to step down in the gutter and troll. Very nice work.

  22. Two posts on ICP but no mention anywhere of the recent ATHF episode appearance? That was far better than this IMO

  23. I suppose if you don’t know or understand the world around you natural events seem like miracles. Why is that we think one has to turn their brain off to appreciate the universe?

  24. Wow…that was pure fail.

    I don’t even know where to start. It just goes to show that’s there is nothing so ridiculous, so silly, so simplistic, so childish, that you can’t get someone to say it’s brilliant!

    This reminds me of the guy who stuck a urinal on a table and called it “art”.

    1. The video is awesomely stupid, or stupidly awesome, but Duchamp was just awesome.

      That reminds me of the guy who said something willfully ignorant, like ICP.

      1. You raise an interesting point…is ICP being willfully ignorant?

        I happen to agree with comment #92 about Duchamp; “I think he did it for the lulz. And to de-deify the artist. But mostly for the lulz.” If that was the case, then his reasons for “Fountain” wasn’t altogether earnest.

        There is of course, the distinct possibility that although ICP may be (let’s face it, probably are) ignorant people…they’re not willfully being ignorant. They’re earnestly trying to create art to the best of their limited abilities.

        Art is a personal thing, it’s as much about the one experiencing it as what the artist is trying to convey. I know why Duchamp’s Fountain is kinda cool, and why it matters…but I’ve always had a lot more respect for the artistic abilities of the people who actually designed, created and manufactured the urinal than Duchamp himself, at least in this one instance. In this particular case I also have much more respect for ICP than Duchamp.

        1. Hey! Guess what?! Duchamp MADE the urinal. And the bottlerack, and the Mona Lisa he drew the mustache on.

          But there are no “artistic abilities” in the design of a urinal. That’s craft. Craft and art are two separate things. Doesn’t make one better than the other, but we settled the distinction on the two pretty well back in the 1920’s in part with the help of, would you believe, MARCEL DUCHAMP.

          “Fountain” was done for much more than simply “The Lulz,” although it surely was as funny a piece as it was meant to be. It’s one of the more important things to art, one of those things that changed art and broadened the limits of what our experience for art could be. So, even if Duchamp hadn’t been its crafter (as he succeeded in making us believe for a hilariously long time) it was a far more brilliant thing than this insipid little song.

          WHY AM I IN THE POSITION OF COMPARING ICP TO MARCEL DUCHAMP IN THE FIRST PLACE?! I’m losing my mind. You win, boingboing. Trolling successful, Xeni.

    2. ‘That guy’ was named Marcel Duchamp. The show the urinal was entered in was a competition which was supposed to exhibit all submitted works. Duchamp was involved in running the exhibit. Personally, I think he did it for the lulz. And to de-deify the artist. But mostly for the lulz.
      Comparing one the most influential artists of the 20th century to ICP is… interesting. Childish or simplistic are hardly the words I’d choose to describe Duchamp’s work. Silly or ridiculous work though (in a good way).

    3. My head spins at the implications of using your dismissive attitude toward Duchamp as a parallel to illustrate your disdain for a video of arguable quality accompanying a song of questionable technical achievement and debatable merit of message with regards to enjoying the wonders of life but simultaneously viewing any further examination with distrust.


      A reduction of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists to “that guy with the urinal” just goes to show that there is no career so brilliant, so hilarious, and so elegant that it may be spared from someone placing quotes around the word “art” in reference to it.

  25. I’ve always felt that understanding how the universe works has increased my appreciation for it.

  26. The first ICP video I’ve sat through and all I can say is “WOW!” Thank you Boing Boing!

  27. The scientists I know are full of wonder and awe. They marvel at the beauty and intricacies of the world, of our bodies, and of our minds.

    Knowing what makes things tick just adds to the wonder and amazement. Fuckin’ rainbows are amazing, and to think all that beauty gets generated by something so “simple” as light shining through water droplets.

    IMO, ignorance is lack of curiosity. The drive to learn and understand everything we can (which may not be all that much) is what drives us to ever more interesting things.

  28. I thought it was awesome.

    I also hope that somehow they’re not serious about this. It looks and sounds like a parody.

    I’m sure there will be, within the week, a ‘real’ parody of this, replacing ‘miracles’ with ‘science’. (I mean a video, not that text book thing, which was cute.)

      1. Maybe you could fuck pelican with a scientist?

        I personally prefer to fuck my mind with science though….or, ya know, cannabis at least.

        Seriously, this video, this group, this whole fuckin secret mothafuckin christian bitches thing is teh sucks. Apparently they only swear to shock you so you’ll listen to gods message. Mothafuckazzzzz

  29. I love this. And I think it’s profoundly pro-science. It’s basically a long laundry list of the amazing world we live in, coupled with visuals of how we understand it — telescopes, DNA, and space travel. I’m not offended by the F scientists line, if I spent more of my time contemplating our amazing world, and less time writing grant applications, I’d probably be a happier person.

    1. To #74- & Richard Feynman is grabbing his arm saying “no, these guys are right, if you can’t teach it to a freshman class then fuck you as a professor”.

  30. Well, I’m in awe. I never imagined that I would live to see so many cliches ( visual, lyrical, philosophical, and musical1) packed into a single music video. And I grew up in the 80’s, so I feel like I know a thing or two about bad music videos :).

  31. Great fun music video. If it was done with any less camp or more seriousness it wouldn’t have worked for me.

    “Magic everywhere in this bitch” indeed.

  32. I can’t speak for anyone else but just thinking about the wilful ignorance issue, I know for me the joy of discovery and understanding is subtly different from the joy of wonderment. Maybe they only value the latter. Or just don’t get the former.

  33. I think the ‘fuck scientists’ bit is about something called Occams razor. Got that? It’s annoying but scientists abide by it. and it is true that knowing about how a thing works needn’t necessarily spoil the wonderment. I hope not anyway.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing, except with Lyrical Ballads and “The Tables Turned.”

    1. Pvt. Joe Bowers: What *are* these electrolytes? Do you even know?
      Secretary of State: They’re… what they use to make Brawndo!
      Pvt. Joe Bowers: But *why* do they use them to make Brawndo?
      Secretary of Defense: [raises hand after a pause] Because Brawndo’s got electrolytes.

      (from IMDB)

  34. The music is not nearly as bad as everyone is saying. There’s a good instrumental track behind them, and their rapping is NOT the “worst white rapping ever” by a long shot. In fact their banter and voices on this track are sort of enjoyable, kind of like the “Car Talk” guys.

    I don’t agree with the sentiments they express (the anti-science ones) but I can understand that being forced to use your brain hurts, and they are expressing that very cogently.

  35. That was so awful it went full-circle through my mood circuit and made me smile. God, that was awful. But at the same time, I can’t really hate on them too much because the idea behind the song is one worth sharing. Maybe not with me, but I have no doubts at all that there are people whose introduction to higher concepts could very well come from this song. Think about what those people are like. Really think about it. Now think about your own life. You’re welcome.

  36. Holy crap that is awesome.
    I had heard of the Posse, heard Eminem diss them, didn’t know much about them.
    Thanks, I’ve just seen all I’ll ever need to know about them.

  37. So I’m still confused… shouldn’t the genocide of Darfur and the massive suffering during the influenza pandemic be considered “miracles”?

  38. Yossarian:

    They’ve just come out as Christians, and basically said that they’ve tried to trick all the juggalos into believing in Christ.

    their album the wraith came out in 2002 and pissed off the murder fans they had because they ended it with “we did this all for god, and he’s behind the dark carnival” so how “just happened” is that?

    Heh! Fuckin’ missionaries in a hip hop guise?

    actually in a “sleepin with bitches and axe murderin suburbanites” hip hop guise.. lol

    not everybody can, or should be, a scientist or have the same level of curiosity in how things work. For them, direct experience of these wonders is enough.

    My wife thinks we’ve dumbed down the world of science by telling all the little kids they should become scientists even when they don’t have the skills or the drive – I tend to agree but this level of ignorance???? Well then I guess I can’t wait to see their faces when I pull a quarter out from behind their ears.. maybe I can sell them some worthless penny stocks after that.

    I understood their sentiment that if you listen to fake horror you’ll never feel the need to commit real atrocities but me and god have come to the understanding that he is not an active part of anything on this planet so this song offends me.

    most knowledge is good knowledge.

    Xeni you really should look at

    for a ten billion times better example at ICP bringing peace to the world and

    for and example of a ten billion times better song to groove out to where miracles are concerned albeit in this song they are all fantasy.

  39. I like the “experience the wonder of life” sentiment just enough to counter my instinctive desire to wipe out the threat that clowns pose to all mankind. Probably the only ICP song I’ve heard that doesn’t make me want to immediately throw them under the nearest bus.

  40. WAIT! never freaking mind on the second link got the wrong tune.. WTF? they have THREE songs with the same title????

    uhm I can understand why they are afraid of learnin and such.

  41. I only learned about the existence of these fellows and their groupies yesterday (which is stupendous considering they’ve been around since 1993).

    The most functional and coherent commentary my brain can make of them and this video is to observe that

    “The feelings I am now experiencing must be what it feels like for other people when I try to explain science/rhetoric/philosophy/mathematics/logic/whatever to them.”

    so /bizarre/.

  42. I just got trolled by Xeni Jardin. Thanks, internet.

    At least I hope to hell that was a troll…

  43. I always thought this song woulda been perfect if they had called it “The First Time I Smoked Pot”.

  44. I just looked further into this and watched “The Unveiling” until it got to the part where it gets to the smarmy religious bit, and it sounded like mainstream Christian Pop. BAD mainstream Christian Pop.

    brb, gonna stab my eardrums with a spoon now.

    Or maybe listen to Lady Gaga.

  45. Everyone forgets that ICP is PARODY. They’re not saying go murder people, ICP mocks stereotypes.

    1. Maaaaaan, they better be a parody of really bad parodies of really bad parodies of Christian rap. This is worse than Newsboys

  46. All this talk about rainbows reminds me of Cartman from South Park:

    “I hate rainbows… You’ll just be sitting there, minding your own business, and they’ll come marching in, and crawl up your leg, and start biting the inside of your ass, and you’ll be all like, ‘Hey. Get out of my ass you stupid rainbows.'”

  47. actually though…

    They are really into Golden Dawn magic/occultism, and Thelema. One of their side projects included the chorus: “this bread i eat this oath i swear, as i enflame myself with prayer, there is no grace there is no guilt. This is the Law do what thou wilt.”

    1. >> They are really into Golden Dawn magic/occultism, and Thelema.

      No. They’re into making money.

      The only reason they go with the occult clown thing is to brand themselves. 99.9% of the Satanism/occult stuff in music, films, and books is purely performance and intended to push the buttons of the incredibly anal and Puritanical American populace who are scandalized by hell fire, plastic fangs, black leather, and the color red.

  48. Woop woop! “Miracles” is clearly ICP’s take on Walt Whitman’s “When I Heard the Learned Astronomer.” Only with hatchets and lopped-off nug-bones.

  49. teh awesomes… they listened to Gong for inspiration before laying that track down…

    thanks for turning me on to something I might have just dismissed as stupid hip hop by “clowns”

    I’m now pulling down the album that came off of for some detailed listening with perhaps the intent to buy it.

  50. Interesting as poetry, utterly forgettable as song. Could have been greatly improved by removing a bunch of cursing that contributed nothing and took away a lot of the seriousness of the points trying to be made.

  51. Cool.

    (But when the hell is google gonna buy some fucking bandwidth for youtube? That would be a miracle

  52. As someone who grew up in a Christian world, I just had to say something… I think a lot of boingboingers are guilty of being bad empiricists right now. By all conventional definitions of what Christians believe, ICP are not that. Saying that they are the same because they are both anti-science is a correlation fallacy (I think? Can someone who’s studied rhetoric help me out there?). Saying that ICP is Christian because they say so is a base assertion fallacy. There’s plenty wrong with both the Christian worldview and the Juggalo, but lumping them together denies the richness and diversity of their wrongness. Fucking magnets!

    1. It’s ok. A lot of people here also seem not to understand that Christians can belong to the Golden Dawn, and that an awful lot of occult mysticism comes out of Jewish and Christian esoteric traditions.

      It’s a fuckin’ miracle.

      1. Well, I guess it CAN all go together under that wonderful catch all banner of ‘fantasy fic….’ (stops self from offending anyone by completing that sentence)

        I fuckin’ love the shit out of fuckin’ miracles.

  53. BTW, what does it say about these guys that they consider it a miracle that their children look like them? If I’m writing a rap song about miracles and I say to my wife: “Honey, I’m writing a song about miracles. Can you think of any examples?” If she says: “Yeah, that your children look anything like you,” I would not respond with: “Hey! You’re right. Thanks!”

    Also, is there a more textbook example of weed-induced stream of thought than this? You can totally see these guys baked off their asses going “Whoa, bro… MAGNETS! And holy shit, your kid looks JUST LIKE YOU! Yo, yo. Write that down, dawg. Write that down. That’s deep.”

    1. “If I’m writing a rap song about miracles and I say to my wife: “Honey, I’m writing a song about miracles. Can you think of any examples?” If she says: “Yeah, that your children look anything like you,” I would not respond with: “Hey! You’re right. Thanks!”

      I lol’d.

      I believe this actually *is* an advertisement for pot. It’s like the pothead version of those drink commercials full of swanky looking people. In the drunk version everyone is sexy and rich. In the high version you get fucking miracles!

  54. BTW, what does it say about these guys that they consider it a miracle that their children look like them
    Have you ever stopped to think about why your kids look like you, or why you looked liked your parents? The miracle of genotype producing phenotype?

    1. “Have you ever stopped to think about why your kids look like you, or why you looked liked your parents? The miracle of genotype producing phenotype?”

      Totally, it’s like with a subdivision of houses all built from a the same plan. They all look the same, how the fuck does that happen!? Fuck if I know or what to know, it’s a fucking miracle.

  55. don’t they offer “crazy helicopter rides” at the juggalo gatherings? good like pulling that off without science.

  56. Imma pray for a miracle….the miracle I get that 4 minutes of my life back. I’d forgotten why I hated those idiots music so much. Hey – maybe THAT is my miracle.

  57. I’m sorry, I just can’t like this at all.
    If this was done by anyone other than a bunch of homophobic idiotic rednecks in clown makeup I’d be all for it

  58. That was embarassing.

    Strange interpretation of ‘pure awesome’ – pure awful mabye, but certainly not awesome.

  59. Somehow I have to say what has already been said and hopefully will be repeated after me:

    ´Fuckin´ Rainbows´

    Hilarious and very true at the same time.

  60. Wow, this is an awesome comment thread. ICP, in my mind, occupies the same place that Glenn Beck does for intelligent conservatives – they’re idiots, but they piss off people who need to get pissed off every once in a while.

    And as someone who came from nothing much in particular, and tuned into them a long time ago, I’ve always been entertained by just how much they love their fans, and their fans love them. They really speak to the s**t of the earth – poor white trash, geeks, freaks, the kind of kids that the skinheads would target for recruiting a couple of decades ago.

    I clawed my way out of high school, had to fight for everything I achieved, and remember quite well the sneers of the beautiful and well-off. They speak to the people who came from the same cesspool I did. Not all of us made it out. But we all have the same anger.

    They’re a safety valve for a lot of the s**t that poor white folks have to eat in this country. But, other than pissing off parents and hipsters everywhere, they’re a lot more benign. Unless you’re working cleanup at a venue they just did a show at…

  61. Parody requires intelligence and wit. This was sans both. At 59 sec. they say UFOs are “miracles”…It was at that point my coffee shot out all over my flat screen. This was like watching a dog chew it’s own leg off to escape a trap; and then limp away all proud of itself. Is rap-tard a word? This actually made me appreciate the fillet of fish song so much more.

  62. The real miracle is that anybody ever gave ICP a record deal. Wait, can miracles be the work of Satan?

  63. Sagan facepalmed? I rather thought we’d be seeing a ICP “Miracles”/Sagan “Glorious Dawn” mashup…

  64. Wow. Music further sinks into the ultimate mediocrity where real musicians and artists are ignored in favor of this shit.

    What am I surprised? In this society we reward bad behavior and celebrate the lowest common denominator.

  65. Not only do I rejoice in the childlike wonder of the ICP (easily the only band ever to arose so much hatred in me that I Once. Wrote. An. Email. About them), I rejoice in the adolescent criticism woven in the comment thread – I think we all used to be haters at one point or another.

    I’d thank you more profusely, Xeni, but I have to run over to the Jetta thread and point out that she’s unrealistically proportioned and that her clothing has no practical application, then I have to run back to that article from last month and comment about the inappropriateness of that museum with all the death masks and physical deformities.

    Who knew commenting on a blog dedicated to TEH AWSOEM on TEH INTERNETS would be comprised of comments about how things are not, actually, awesome?

    Next time I see a rainbow, I’m lettin’ loose…

  66. When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer
    by Walt Whitman

    When I heard the learn’d astronomer;
    When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me;
    When I was shown the charts and the diagrams, to add, divide, and
    measure them;
    When I, sitting, heard the astronomer, where he lectured with much
    applause in the lecture-room,
    How soon, unaccountable, I became tired and sick;
    Till rising and gliding out, I wander’d off by myself,
    In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time,
    Look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.

  67. The scientifically minded may still be awed by the world’s many unanswered questions. It just takes a few rounds of “why” to get there. Einstein was full of wonder at all he could not answer, but he wasn’t going to accept the explicable as “miracles.” The concept of the miraculous should not be so cheap.

    A lot of social retardation may be blamed on those who choose to see miracles while saying “fuck you” to those who ask “why.” (see: Dark Ages)

  68. As a Juggalo since the Great Milenko and a F*in scientist, I am happy to see a positive message out of ICP. They don’t care about your life anymore then you care about theirs. They have questioned organized religion and its abuses for years.

    What I see about this is that they take the world at face value and choose to see “magic” in the things that they, and a lot of the people who they relate to, see on a daily basis. The curiosity to ask why is not always necessary to simply enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

    Down with the Clown ’til I’m dead in the Ground.


  69. >>I was hoping that GWAR would meet them at the very end of the video and disembowel them. What a let down.

    i too was hoping for a GWAR appearance. disappointed.

  70. “Miracle” does not always mean the work of a supernatural force, you know. From – “2 : an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment”.

    Now those things they talk about, they may not be unusual, but they’re all outstanding. Acknowledging that the moon or a rainbow or the ocean is miraculous does not invalidate there being other (equally miraculous) forces behind them. It just means that the stars above can be fucking cool when taken at face value with a wee bit of wonder, too.

    The scientist line gets my goat, though. Save for the fact that there are many people who incorrectly wield science like a blunt object and like to make all scientific explanations into reductionist explanations. “Rainbows are *just* light refracted through water vapor.” You hear “*just*” enough times and you might start to forget that rainbows – in addition to being light refracted through water vapor – are fucking awesome.

    1. “”Miracle” does not always mean the work of a supernatural force, you know. From – “2 : an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment”.

      Now those things they talk about, they may not be unusual, but they’re all outstanding. Acknowledging that the moon or a rainbow or the ocean is miraculous does not invalidate there being other (equally miraculous) forces behind them. It just means that the stars above can be fucking cool when taken at face value with a wee bit of wonder, too.”

      Amen to that.

      This entire universe is amazing in it’s complexity and it’s simplicity. Understanding how something works or not, it isn’t any less intriguing. Believe in a higher or power or not. Regardless of this, things still exist and are no less wonderful.

      And it truly is magical because that “scientific explanation” doesn’t make it any less awesome that some how, some way, we are here talking and watching music videos after millions of years of life have passed before us. And you people say, “Oh yes it’s just genetics.” You know how it works, yes… but the miracle is how it came to be.

      And not to entirely agree with the “fuck scientists” quote, but there are plenty of scientists throughout history that deserve that. For instance… the scholarly community shunning those who make remarkable discoveries like those of Tesla, Moray, even modern day Stanley Meyers. Throughout history it is often scientists who are the first to flame the pioneering discoveries of others because it goes against all that the “experts” have learned in the textbooks.

      Regardless of if you like the music or lyrics, take a step back and think about what things mean. Sure some of ICP’s songs are strictly entertainment, but as was stated in a previous comment, there are the filler songs and there are the good ones. ICP’s song “Terrible” for instance. Or “hellalujah”.

      I’ve been a juggalo for years, yet I’ve not fallen into the “white trash” category, nor any of the rest of the things that people say. But to me this sums it up, as written for their song “Take Me Away”

      “…but for everybody here, i can promise you this —
      you’ll never hear us rap about the typical bullshit
      pimpin – all the money they got
      all the ice they wear and all the people they shot
      all the freaks they pull and all the cars they drive —
      only we’d rap about fuckin a beehive!
      you wanna keep it real? walk out your door
      that’s as real as it gets from the sky to the floor
      but the dark carnival will take your soul away,
      and give you mythical adventure in a magical way”

      and another lyric just for the fact that it’s true… from the song “Dirt Ball”

      “Another thing they love to watch horror movies.
      But your not allowed to be scary on a CD.
      They tried to ban this one group ICP…”

      Anywho there’s my rant about science and icp.

  71. OK, so miracle is a 4-letter word in any permutation?

    There’s a place where science, in all its glorious knowledge, meets the still unexplained (Miraculous? Maybe not, but do we have a better word? Beautiful, perhaps?)

    As for ICP, yes they have repeatedly outed themselves as Christians (most annoyingly in whiny lyrics “We’re not sorry that we tricked you”) but they promote a certain sense of community — infinitely preferable to the militia mentality. Also, a select few of their songs and films show strength and talent.

    I suggest people watch their independently-produced 3D slasher short “Bowling Balls” or listen to their stronger music (though I understand there’s a lot of manure to wade through there, tell me which band doesn’t have it) If you’re not willing to find everyone’s best song, then listen to every bit of drivel your fave band plays.

    As a lover of variety, I find I often love one or two songs of any artist. Pursuing this is a worthwhile hell.

  72. 1:33 “pure motherfucking magic” I think Shakespeare said that first. But really, what is pure motherfucking magic is that i watched this video for a whole 2 min with some fat geezer dressed for a white wedding with colour blind clown makeup on preaching about warm and fuzzy feelings he gets looking up at the starz…. Now that is whack!

  73. This has been an entertaining comment thread, but the funniest part about it is all the people who think they’re being smart by taking the lyrics to this song completely 100% literally.
    Listening to the song, I never once interpreted it as “I don’t know how any of this works, so it must be magic” but rather as “look at all the cool shit that goes on in our world.”

  74. MTV debunks miracles:

    “Shaggy’s little boys looking just like Shaggy, Violent J’s little boy resembling his father
    Seriously, this is just genetics. Through heredity (the passing of traits to an offspring), organisms acquire characteristics from their parent organisms. This is done through chromosomes and DNA. Though, to be honest, the reason both ICP member’s children so closely resemble their fathers could have something to do with the clown makeup, too.”

  75. See, the reason y’all got such a hard-on against these morons are those two lines about how “scientists” have got the narrator “pissed.” Which is indeed a bit offensive against people with functioning cortexes. Yet right there on the surface is how and why those lines came to be: a.) the word “pissed” has much, much, so much rapper mana (society as a whole agrees; under pain of FCC enforcement, way too much mana for broadcast teevee) and b.) and most important, “pissed” rhymes with “scientist.” And when your stock in trade is long daisy chains of rhyming couplets, that shit’s gold.

    Now if ICP were playing to a strictly Florida audience they could have rhymed “pissed” with the well-known name of our governor Charlie Crist, or if it didn’t threaten to smear the painstakingly-applied face makeup they could have rung offa “kissed” (gosh maybe they coulda kissed their dear little sons upon their foreheads, we’d have all been touched) or if there weren’t all those restrictions on scandalous perverse sexy content maybe something something something “fist,” but as none of these were the case and “scientist/pissed” came sliding down the chute, there it was, there you have it, so deal with it. This is the miracle of poetic creation.

  76. Wow, there is such an incredible market for the mostest retardeded ass shit it’s unbelievable.

  77. Attention all Ninjas! On June 3rd, 2010 Comedy Central will be filming a new show called Workaholics in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. The first 50 Juggalo/Juggaletes to e-mail me back at will be invited to attend the event- A mock ICP concert.

    Lunches will be provided. Please come makeup ready and dressed in ICP gear or all black.


  78. I want to scream at the totally “genuine” moment at 1:30 every time I watch this. I can never get past 2 minutes.

    And as homophobic as these geniuses are, I find the “fucking rainbows” line hilarious, but that look ruins everything that makes me capable of putting up with this video.

  79. I have to agree with ICP, at least on one point: it is quite miraculous that their children look like they do. Although, ICP is perplexed by the collage of DNA and gene expression over generations, and I’m simply surprised that someone went through and bred with them.

  80. I have to agree with ICP, at least on one point: it is quite miraculous that their children look like they do. Although, ICP is perplexed by the collage of DNA and gene expression over generations, and I’m simply surprised that someone went through and bred with them.

  81. “Teach the controversy?”

    Which? The controversy between reality and fiction? For what purpose, exactly? Pure, white as the driven snow, unadulterated, self-fulfilling mental masturbation?

    Nah. More likely for the money.

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