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  1. ianm says:

    Antinuous: wow, clever, sardonic, useless(i.e. par for the course).

    I am quite fine with scrolling past all the useless, boring, uninteresting or otherwise posts – shit happens – but when such invidious content is put forth as worthwhile or interesting, a line needs to be drawn and protest raised. The ICP are shit, their so-called musical creations are shit, and they ought to be far, far beneath any audience or editor of boingboing. Drawing attention to them as simply ‘another cultural’ artifact degrades us all and I’d really rather it stopped on BB. Not all things are equal, and somethings are downright objectionable.

  2. Billy Blight says:

    The Juggalos are powerful agents of “Bob”.

    It would be best not to taunt them.

  3. Reverend Trevor says:

    Ok, Hello,I’m Trevor, long time reader(I have issue 3) and first time poster.
    First, let me out myself. I’m 40,and I like ICP. I’m also a father of a 3-year old,have a BA from a private school,and work in marketing.I became an ICP fan because they were the first rap group to name check ECW and rpgs.
    I agree, some of ICP’s fans are stupid,arrogant fat slobs. I defy you to find any artists who doesn’t have some who are. Yes,I have met stupid Lou Reed fans. They’re called the staff of Pitchfork.(j/k)
    I stopped going to shows because of sucky music, but the new disc is the first in years with Mike E Clark, a guy who has both mainstream(George Clinton’s Atomic dog) and indie cred(Von Bondies, Demolition Doll Rods).So musically this is the first disc in years you can’t mess with.
    And as far as fat asshole fanbase, I saw more of that at Warped Tour this year. If you think ICP are the end of music, you haven’t seen 3OH3 or Millionaires.
    I don’t think I’ll convince the haters. ICP are a either you get it or don’t thing. They are one of the best live rap acts I’ve ever seen. They try to tell their fans that even if they’re screwups, its still ok. And they hate the rich and bigots. How is that bad? Yeah, I’ll cop to the misogyny of some of the songs,but that’s a problem with rap in general. And “I found a body” is the best lonely rap song in a decade. I think I’m ranting, but it’s time to stop now, I have to cook dinner for my daughter.

  4. siliconsunset says:

    Oh and you thought the Juggalo discussions were catty before…

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Not all things are equal, and somethings are downright objectionable.”

    I feel the same way about steampunk and “clever” covers of songs on ukuleles. But I find it just as easy to quickly scan the headline, then ignore the article, rather than droning on about how much it sucks.

  6. GHM327 says:

    fuck the clown shoes and fuck you xeni for giving them press, boing boing has never sunk so low before!

  7. ReverendFaux says:

    I think this video summed up Juggalos pretty well:

  8. Rob Beschizza says:

    I think we have to announce an early victor in this comment thread.

  9. Xeni Jardin says:

    You’re welcome, GHM327!

  10. KanedaJones says:

    I never see swearing on boing boing anywhere near as much as when the boingers come out to pour a pot of flaming oil all over the ICP thang.

    and also of interest is the amazing amount of people who mostly lurk around here deciding to chime in with the hate, where as many (but not all) proper frequently posting locals can keep their cool on this.

    When the band’s music comes from being hated and ignored then:

    a) what caliber of person did you expect to listen.


    b) thank you for proving their point.

  11. Baldhead says:

    how was this discovered? it would require actually looking at the CD for more than a passing second wouldn’t it?

  12. zanbowser says:

    Ugh… while I don’t usually have a difficult time being a total bastard, the fact that these rejects have pretty-well galvanized such a massive community of other rejects is undeniably impressive. It’s like some weird, foul religion (that is, based on my interactions with some “Juggalo” [Juggalo-s? Juggal-i?]). It reminds me of other such things with cultish followings, liberally sprinkled with jerks, rednecks, spazzes, and mouthbreathers: wrestling, NASCAR, Scientology.

    It really seems the dumbest crap to me, but it’s like furries or moe or anything else, really: if it’s really not your thing, it may yet be someone else’s. Good for them for having a community where their participants can feel “normal.”

    And – shit on them for having a song title analogous to a site with significantly more awesome than they (now, or will ever) possess.

    I also have to say that I’m curious of the legality here; could the Boingers sue on grounds of trademark, or is it in a “sufficiently different vein” as to render that moot?

  13. dculberson says:

    I think my life’s motto sums it up:

    Always on the decline, never hitting bottom.


    I’m 50 and I own an ICP CD. I heard that Hollywood records had dropped them for being too profane. That sounded bogus so I bought a copy in support. never opened it, though.

  15. dancentury says:

    I’m beginning to think Xeni is a closet Juggalo.


    And Pavement will tour in 2010. Now yer talkin’

  17. dragonfrog says:

    Can you say “brag rap track” five times quickly? I can’t even say it once.

  18. Thac0 says:

    ICP and their hillbilly cult can go shove their stupid clown shoes and heroine up their ass somewhere else.

  19. Mortimer Shrew says:

    As a Juggalo, I will first say that I will not be represented by every other Juggalo in the world. Generalizing all people in a certain group leads to widespread fear and hate. Not all Juggalos are ignorant, ‘redneck’ types. I will not write an essay on this subject because I have gotten into far too many arguments about this same subject. I will simply say that I like ICP, I like their anti-bigotry, anti-wife beating, anti-hate lyrics (I know people will immediately site other lyrics, but we pick and choose what we want to hear, what we take to heart, and what we take for entertainment). If you can take watching a seriously disturbing horror movie with a grain of salt, you can take the ICP. Don’t let the people with the loudest voices influence you the most. Take it from me, please.

  20. buddy66 says:

    #7, Maybe Gerald McBoing Boing could sue Boing Boing. That’s what I first thought when BB first jittered into view. It’s a very funny cartoon; won an Oscar back in the day.

  21. Anonymous says:

    yeah wow, boing boing is now a trough of freemasonry apologists and juggalo fans

  22. buddy66 says:

    #10, Who’s their “heroine”? Xeni?

  23. Anonymous says:


    You seem to be projecting your personal problems (roommate with poor boundaries) onto a correlated issue (ICP and their music)

    Harmless enough, but if this is a common problem in your life, you are prejudicial, which may cause you some problems.

  24. dculberson says:

    Jeez, Ianm.. chill the hell out.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Damn kids. Get off my lawn, etc.

    I personally dislike the Juggalos, with their pointless makeup and offensive language. Then I remember that I was Marilyn Manson’s biggest fan in junior high. It’s safe to say I have no room to judge.

    C’mon, surely all of you have had a favorite band that made others recoil?

    (Shout-out to all the Spooky Kids in the house, if any.)

  26. Daemon says:

    Under the 1000 Monkeys theory, eventually ICP will produce something worth listening to.

  27. Anonymous says:

    that’s a banging track…itunes here i come!

  28. Anonymous says:

    STOP this national nightmare!

  29. Derek C. F. Pegritz says:

    As a closet Juggalo, I find this expanding interest in the ICP encouraging–but “Boing Boing” isn’t that great a song. “In Yo Face” and “Fonz Pond” are much better, more representative tracks.

  30. Avram / Moderator says:

    It’s actually about that maternity store in Brooklyn.

  31. Xeni Jardin says:

    I assumed it was about that South American fruit soda.

  32. ianm says:

    I am just going to quote myself from the last time this came up, because nothing has changed:

    “I see no redeeming qualities in ICP or any of their filthy brood. The sooner they are left alone to rot the better. I would have expected BB – even Xeni – to have had better taste than to tout the dubiousness of anything ‘jugaloo’ related. This ‘phenomenon’ deserves benign neglect, followed by quick and thorough euthanasia.

    I was quite repulsed by any association with ICP in 2000 when an old roommate would insist on blasting their atrocious beats and lyrics in his filthy underwear. I have no desire to be witness to anything resembling that ever again. Please stop.

    In short, this sucks, and I am a snob, and am proud of a taste sufficiently refined as to be repulsed by such vile trash.”

  33. buddy66 says:

    The proletariat is predictably intolerant of lumpenproletariat behavior. This ol’ prole knows trash when he sees it.

  34. cognitive dissonance says:

    @ #7 ZANBOWSER

    some really do see it as a pseudo-religion. i’m going to divulge an embarrassing amount of knowledge, because a childhood friends backwoods hick, interbred cousin was a huge ‘juggalo.’

    apparently each album is part of a greater concept of a path to enlightenment, until one reaches judgement. or something to that effect. i didn’t believe him but read something on wikipedia that seemed to echo a similar sentiment. it makes as much sense as scientology, which isn’t saying much, but what really is fascinating is the complete fanaticism that they exude for these people. as in, lie about their age to get their ‘hatchet man’ tattoo at age 16… on their neck…

    on a side note, the video on BB for the gathering of the juggalos posted a couple weeks ago was among the most horrifying things ive ever seen that WASN’T a fatal car accident.

  35. zanbowser says:

    I left work (and moved on to non-blocked reading at home) before this became a proper discussion, and I have to admit I expected my ranty comment was “fire-and-forget.” Scanning for new headlines, I noticed this was up to 50 comments, and it made me realize how important this sort of post (the stuff that seems to divide the readership so starkly) really is, I guess.

    Some really reasoned and civil (and not-so-reasoned or civil, to be certain) discourse here, on both sides of the fence, and it’s probably the thing above all others which keeps me coming back. So, kudos to the Happy Mutants for being awesome.

    That said, I felt I should maybe elucidate: I simply dislike rap in all its forms (bad grade/middle/high school experiences), so that’s from whence the largess of my disdain for ICP comes (along with my easy discrimination against the more stereotypical members of their fanbase). The awful makeup, ridiculous iconography, and excessive vulgarity are just extra demerits in my eyes.

    @Buddy66 – That last part was mostly just me smirking to myself at the thought of ICP being sued into oblivion; chuckling when I thought of those fools without makeup and in suits. ::shrug:: Just an idle thing, but you’re right – and I know it’s not even really in the same vein. Also, I suppose the ragged people and trod-upon workers, both, share that particular disposition with the bourgeoisie, n’e’?

    @IanM – While I agree on some level that the things I want to read should have merit, I think you would probably agree (unless you’re being strictly contrarian) with my earlier statement: it does seem to bring us all out of the weeds and to the table. That can’t really be a bad thing, can it?

    And, finally, @Bibulb – can you really argue that moe is any less a “way of life” for some otaku than the way of Juggalo (-s? -i? – still noone’s really addressed that) in context of their fixation?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Really? You’ve listened to all of ICP’s records and still haven’t found a single track you like?

  37. dculberson says:

    “First, I’d sliiide up to the bar,
    Then I’d tell you that I can’t believe how f’in fat you are.
    I’d say I like the way you make your titties shake
    And if you lost a little weight, you’d look like Ricky Lake!”

    Yes, offensive. But also very, very funny.

  38. Anonymous says:

    In my experience, when someone self-identifies as a juggalo I can usually predict two things with a great deal of accuracy:

    1 – We have vastly different tastes in music

    2 – The interaction will be interesting and honest on a level that goes beyond that of those who don’t self identify as such.

    Basically, I don’t like the music much but the fans have been among the better random encounters of my life

  39. Modusoperandi says:

    I just look at it the same way I can now look at the music I listened to back in the day. It’s to bug your parents*.

    *It should be noted, however, that I tended to listen to Pink Floyd, and my parents liked it. I rebelled my way into conformity, apparently.

  40. buddy66 says:

    Couldn’t the ICP gig as FOX NEWS’s marching band?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Wait, juggalos are REAL?

  42. Mazoola says:

    The worst part about these damn ICP posts is that now I’ll have David Lee Roth singing inside my head for the rest of the day.

  43. Xenu says:

    I don’t think I would ever consider myself a “Juggalo,” but I think ICP’s music is pretty damn funny in a sick way.

    Frankly I’m always surprised how people can hate something that’s so silly.

  44. Brainspore says:

    ICP is OK, but my new favorite scary clown-themed musical group is San Francisco’s Gooferman.

  45. Boba Fett Diop says:

    To a bunch of commentors on this thread:

    Did Juggalos kill your dog? Do they come over to your home and MAKE you listen to their music? And then spread peanut butter all over their naked torsos and rub up against you? Do they pee in your coffee in the morning while you’re not looking? Or dress up like Sarah Palin and hang out across the street from your house and mock you with catcalls when you come home from work? Is one eloping with your son/daughter?

    I mean, I don’t really care for their music, and I’m not sure I quite understand their whole style of life, but I don’t let it bug me. It’s not like they’re showing up at town meetings with loaded weapons or anything.

  46. Anonymous says:

    “apparently each album is part of a greater concept of a path to enlightenment, until one reaches judgement.”

    That was the six Joker’s cards, a series of six concept albums, which have already come and gone. ICP has released a couple of albums since then.
    And I’ve met a lot of juggalos in my day (we’re talking hundreds, maybe thousands) but I’ve never met anyone who actually treats it as a religion. ICP are storytellers. Each of the Joker’s cards, and many songs featured on each progressive album are allegories for different aspects of the world and society in general. Songs like Tilt-a-Whirl, House of Mirrors and the like have to be taken at more than face value.
    Whether or not you can appreciate their method of story telling is a different matter altogether. Yes it’s violent, yes it’s gross, yes it can seem tasteless at times, but under the surface ICP’s music is much more intelligent than people give them credit for.
    As for the song Boing Boing, it’s meant less as a brag rap and more as just a generally funny song. Both these guys are pretty ugly and they know it, so the idea that they go out and get tons of chicks is meant to be humorous.

  47. Narual says:

    Hey… I bought “let’s go all the way” on itunes because I remember liking it when it was on the radio. That’s a good song, and there’s nothing offensive about it.

  48. creesto says:

    I adore BoingBoing’s willingness to post WEVERTF they want. Non-apoligistieness is something I fail to nail much in my life and at 48, its one of my biggest regrets. Bring it on, BB, I like a challenge

  49. bibulb says:

    I’m just amused that someone managed to successfully link interest in moe and being a Juggalo.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Via youtube as the host is over-boinged:

  51. Day Vexx says:

    Yeah, this is a weird day in music/blogging… first BoingBoing re-takes on Insane Clown Posse, then PZ Myers managed to bring up Burzum. Next up– Cake Wrecks’ week-long tribute to Acid Mothers Temple!

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