Lawsuit-plagued McAfee founder hunts for libido-boosting herbs in Belize


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  1. Camp Freddie says:

    So after selling useless anti-[electronic]virus products, he’s now getting into the useless [physical] medicine business?

    Plus ca change…

  2. flashdadi says:

    sky gypsies
    high-speed ferry company
    internet-services company
    rickshaw company
    aerial-tour company
    42-foot-long Lagoon 420 catamaran

    Transportation, communication and…

    …a “processing lab” on the Gulf coast.



  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but he seems like a complete douche.

    Live the free life all you want, dude. But you do have some responsibilities as a human on this planet. And one of those is to the families of the people that died in your care.

    • jz says:

      so if someone borrows your car and gets killed in an accident, you’re liable? seems rather over litigious to me. it also seems more like a complete “douche” move to post such drivel anonymously. what evidence is there that the victims were in “his care” as you state?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I took this junk last year when I was having distress “getting aroused” due to depression after losing my dad. It was excellent for a vitamin boost but, other than that, I noticed NOTHING. You are better off buying a tingle lubricant. Dont waste your time on this. Lame.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Jeff Wise here, the guy who wrote the Fast Company article. We just put up a post replying to some of Mr. McAfee’s critiques over at, it’s at
    I’d also like to address some things here as well.
    1) jz (#9 and #14) is, I suspect, McAfee’s friend and employee Jim Zoromski. (Am I wrong?) Jim and John are both really nice guys who I enjoyed hanging out with in Belize (and in John’s case, Rodeo NM as well).
    2) I don’t normally write expose-type articles, don’t really enjoy having to bare unpleasant facts about someone who was a gracious host to me, but I had to follow the facts where they took me. McAfee dangled quite a few clues in front of me when I was down in Belize with him, and several times suggested that I write an expose. At the time I didn’t know what he was talking about. John, tell me: did you really want an expose? If so, why?
    3) didn’t exist when I did the reporting on the story. I suspect that John and Jim created it in an attempt to create the impression that their focus all along has been on quorum-sensing, and not the libido drug. McAfee has often regaled me with tales of hoax web pages he has made in the past. More on this at Fast Company.
    4) In fact, when I visited Belize, they had put the quorum sensing drug on the back burner. They weren’t joking about the libido drug, they talked about it all the time.
    Jeff Wise

  6. Anonymous says:

    PS., Leon Tillit, if you’d care to share your story, I’d be glad to hear it. You can leave a comment on my web site, Thanks.
    Jeff Wise

  7. ryxxui says:

    So, besides this plane crash incident, does anyone have any more information about the other suits currently pending against McAfee?

    • Leon Tillit says:

      Don’t know about any current lawsuits but I have a large French judgment against him from 2003 that I have been trying unsuccessfully to collect. I don’t think he moved to Belize to get away from lawsuits since he’s appears judgment proof no matter where he is. I’ve spent close to a quarter of a million dollars attempting to collect. I’d be happy to sell the judgment to anyone wanting to continue the fight. I know at the time of my lawsuit he was involved in at least half a dozen suits.

  8. jz says:

    Odd that the fast “company” article seemed to focus on the personal litigation, and failed to even mention McAfee’s new anti quorum sensing company, QuorumEx.
    The parallels between the entirely new field of anti-virus software in the 1980s and the anti quorum sensing project he’s now developing should not be ignored. The company’s website makes not even a single mention of the “libido boosting” herbs that the FC (and this boingboing) article seem to focus on. Assuredly an herbal female viagra has a lot more zing to it than the more scholarly field of anti-biotic & anti quorum sensing research, but the company’s focus is on an entirely new way of preventing bacteria from becoming pathogenic – which seems to be not such a trivial matter.

    • geisha says:

      Its about time serious research is devoted to “libido boosting” for women. As far as I’m concerned – that’s something the website should boast about. Lets face it, the first time a man couldn’t get it up, the world came to a halt until viagra became a household word. Women should be thanking McAfee – for that matter, so should you men!!! For what it’s worth, THANKS, JOHN!!!

  9. John McAfee says:

    Astonishing how the American press works. Can anyone, anywhere – either on our website (, or in any published document from any of the staff, or from any slight implications made in any comment – point to where we suggest we are working on a libido enhancer? If a reporter has no sense of humor it isn’t my fault. True, we have a plant based personal lubricant. Big deal. When asked asked where that track was going, Dr. Adonizio smiled and said “Women’s libido enhancement”. The absurdity seemed obvious to us, since we had spent the entire day talking to the reporter about the nitty details of anti-bacterial research. Not a very titillating subject.

    We joke a lot. We don’t get TV here so the boredom factor is high.

  10. TEKNA2007 says:

    I spent one single month as a MacAfee software user. The user interface had serious issues and seemed designed to prevent the user from finding out what was really happening with their PC (mass-market least-common-denominator software FTW). Also, the software decided it needed to rescan my entire half-GB Thunderbird mbx for each incoming message, bringing my system to a halt every time I checked mail. Never again – not for gold, not for power, not for free sculpted mermaid-, unicorn-, and elephant-seal-themed ice-cream-cake-with-sprinklies-on-top for everyone.

  11. kaffeen says:

    I hope that…(OS crashes due to McAfee update..bleep..Windows theme and 10 minutes later)…sorry, I was interrupted by a crash, as I was saying…(OS crashes due to McAfee update..bleep..Windows theme and 10 minutes later)…I hope he has better luck with quorum.

  12. thequickbrownfox says:

    McAfee AV now identifies svchost.exe as a virus. That’s not good.

  13. jwb says:

    In other news, Fast Company is still a thing which exists.

  14. Gendun says:

    copyedit: headline should be “Lawsuit-Plagued McAfee founder….”

  15. Robert says:

    Oh yeah? Well I heard that McAfee purposely caused the drop in women’s libidos so that he could sell them libido boosters!

  16. skabob says:

    He’ll probably want to stay there after McAfee’s nice trick this AM… DAT 5958 ftl!

  17. druranium says:

    McAfee and Norton are the among the worst software you can load on your windows pc. A virus would be preferable to having any of these bloated “security suites” on your pc. Tip of the hat to Microsoft for releasing a free product to replace these lousy programs. (About time!!!)

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