How to make nice electronic enclosures


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  1. drLiz says:

    Good instructional video. One comment: the background music/sound was distracting; consider turning down the volume, especially while you speak.

  2. jfrancis says:

    That’s ‘sweet retro styling?’ It looks like everything I ever made from Radio Shack.

    When I was a kid.

    Oh, man. I must be getting old.

    (are todays enclosures, switches and dials really that different?)

  3. jfrancis says:

    I built an AM radio jammer (er, ‘transmitter’) with schematics from one of those old 300-in-1 kits, and used an empty Mennen Speed Stick container for the enclosure (the dial on the bottom could tune in the station on which to transmit)

    Drove my AM-radio-listening parents insane.


  4. zikman says:

    I love this guy’s videos, but every time I watch them, I feel like I’m having an awkward conversation with somebody.

  5. chroma says:

    Makers of audio equipment, DJ mixing boards, and electronic musical instruments seem to understand this very well. See, e.g. these links:

  6. echolocate chocolate says:

    This video was charming. Made me want to make something! Except I do not need anything and it would clutter the place up. I will enjoy this video of boxes instead.

  7. cmpalmer says:

    I always have more problems with labels on enclosures. I don’t do silkscreening and Dymo plastic or even the newer paper labels look shabby.

    • lasttide says:

      Try using clear waterslide decals. Really easy to do and make very accurate since it’s straight from the printer. I even print drill marks onto it since I like to use PCB-soldered pots (less wiring and it holds the board in place).

      Looks pretty good too:

    • chroma says:

      I would suggest laser engraving your panel, either from an anodized aluminum sheet, or possibly an acrylic sheet designed for reverse engraving.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all respect, have you tried a paintbrush/marker? Frankly, I think hand painted labels look cool.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cool and fun–but one helpful tip:

    Unless you think “cool retro styling” means crooked knobs and LEDs, better use a center punch to accurately mark where you drill. The center punched pips help keep a hand-held drill bit from spinning off target.

    Jameco #160282

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