Get this game: Game Dev 101 lessons with WarioWare DIY


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Independent game designers should look toward old games to see what their scope should be. I believe it took Garriot 2 years to do Ultima 4 in assembler language. He had already made 3 games prior.

    So one person with modern tools should be able to finish a game somewhat similar to that scope to Ultima 3 in a year or so. People who start out to make DragonAge by themselves are only setting themselves up for disappointment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nintendo innovating? That would never happen. ;-)

    I think the inclusion of the broken games is the most important feature of all. Mistakes you make can be frustrating; seeing where someone else has made a mistake and fixing it is an ego boost.

    Incidentally, cool tattoo:

  3. 3lbFlax says:

    DIY is a fantastic package – the music creation app (similar to Mario Paint’s sequencer) is great fun in its own right. There’s also some very nice preloaded content, particularly the weird 4-panel comics. And the game creator will likely surprise you with its depth – there’s a technically excellent Mario-based minigame up for download, and I’m looking forward to the imminent ‘big name’ creations.

    Two bugbears: first, the whole experience of WarioWare is founded on the fast-flowing variety of content, and obviously you lose that when you’re focusing on making one game, replaying and replaying it to get it just right. It’s great when you finish a mini-game, but it’s not properly finished until it’s been experienced by someone else, as part of a variety of similar efforts. So sometimes it’s less a game and more a… hobby, I suppose. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just that I find being a creator of content removes me somewhat from the fun. Of course it offers other rewards.

    More annoyingly, the game insists on a WEP connection and will not work with WPA2, even though the DS itself (Opera, Facebook etc.) works fine with WPA2. So to get my DS online at home I’d either have to set all my other equipment up for WEP, which I don’t want to do, or temporarily change my router to WEP and back again afterwards, which I can’t be bothered to do.

    I get around that at the moment using the link-up game on the Wii, which lets you download and transfer DIY games, but that’s an extra 800 points on top of the main game. Sadly, since the DS is fine with WPA2 elsewhere, I assume this is a failing of the game itself and is unlikely to be fixed. Bear it in mind, it’s a stupid hassle.

    Still, it deserves to be bought and used. I looked up some interviews on the making of the game and it seems it was in many ways a labour of love, and that sounds about right.

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