China renews Google's license, free speech advocates debate principled engagement


5 Responses to “China renews Google's license, free speech advocates debate principled engagement”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m in China now (8:30am July 10th) and get redirected from the .cn to the .hk domain as advertised. However, when I try to do a search on I get redirected AGAIN to, which puts “” into a Baidu search box.

    • rmack says:

      @anon #1 that’s very interesting. Could you tell us what city you’re in and who your ISP is? I would like to find out whether a lot of other people are having the same experience. Thanks.

  2. juicekey says:

    Google does not equal freedom. Look at all the wiki entries that are obvious medical/political/etc. motivation. While I benefit from a University proxy that grants me access to peer-reviewed articles, most of internet is free propaganda. Giving China google is not liberating, and is really just reinforcing Apple-addict consumerism.

    • failix says:

      The internet is what frees you from propaganda, dude.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear juicekey,

      We wish to extend to you an invitation. There is a free mental health clinic at the corner of Violet and East Valley. Please come to visit.


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