Improv Everywhere: Star Wars Subway Car


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  1. lookitsmarc says:

    I really thought that BoingBoing comment threads were above the youtube-esque comment “this is a post about something related to Star Wars, so I am going to comment how the prequel trilogy totally sucks compared to the original trilogy”. I am really tired of Star Wars ‘fans’ automatically ragging on the prequel trilogy. It’s the cool thing to do. You don’t like Jar Jar. We get it. The prequel trilogy has some of the best scenes in the saga.

  2. pecoto says:

    Awesome! I am kind of saddened that the stormtroopers could not carry blasters with the current “zero tolerance” bullcrap policies in place right now. Ah, well. It just proves that Street Theater can be awesome.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ll also recommend The Phantom Edit. Despite the fact that the VHS copy I bought years ago is of poor quality, I find it superior to the bloated mess of the theatrical release. Less is More, George!

  4. ToddBradley says:

    A strange thing about my sinus passages is that when I laugh really hard and loud, sometimes I’ll snort. Or in rare cases, snort twice. This video got a record six snorts.

  5. calvert4096 says:

    They could have all carried nerf-covered police batons to protest. Vader, of course, would have a red, glowing nerf sword.

    I suspect Star Wars is going to be one of those pieces of popular mythos that has centuries-long staying power, like Shakespeare. 500 years from now, the most highly regarded actors will be “Star Wars-trained”

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      Can you utter aloud “I have a bad feeling about this” or “delusions of grandeur”? You are already “star wars-trained”.

    • RedShirt77 says:

      When they have real Lazer swords and space ships I don’t think the rest of the movie will hold up too well.

      Hopefully they declare episodes 1-3 non cannon shortly after lucas dies and make them not terrible.

      • IronEdithKidd says:

        After Lucas dies, the prequels could also be “reimagined” and “rebooted” to better fit the feel and storyline of the original films. Primarily, I look forward to Jar Jar going bye-bye.

        • lewis stoole says:

          have you tried “the phantom edit”?

          with a little clever editing by an unknown fan, jar jar is transformed into a serious supporting character; in fact, most of the “goofball factor” has been noticeably removed not to mention that the subtitled dialogue has been altered to the point where it actually reenforces the story line.

        • Nadreck says:

          Indeed. I think Quentin Tarintino should get to do the next iteration of the franchise:

          (See especially the part past 1:10.)

  6. optuser says:

    It would almost be worth it to live in a huge city if more stuff like this happened on a regular basis. Like even once a month if I could see stormtroopers on the subway platform I’d move to NYC. Seriously, why isn’t there a cosplay SW bar somewhere? For now, I’ll wallow in the second tier metropolis of…

  7. robulus says:

    Was all set to complain about Improv Everywhere being everywhere, doing improv, all the time, but they had me as soon as the guy sitting next to Leia read the book title and cracked a smile.

    The moment where they pull up at a stop and Vader is waiting for them is priceless.

    Good clean fun. Brilliant.

  8. W. James Au says:

    “I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on the L Train to Williamsburg!”

  9. Jack says:

    You know what would have made it incredibly geeky, but awesome?

    If in the middle of this, some guy dressed as C3P0 with the lower part of his leg missing wobbled into the car on crutches and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for this interruption. I am a homeless droid who has no place to sleep tonight…” etc, etc…

  10. Anonymous says:

    “I do not think that word means what you think it means”

  11. W. James Au says:

    I bet if this happened 20 years ago, New Yorkers on the subway would have gamely jumped into the scene and become part of the fun. “Hey Vader, get your hands off the Princess or I’ll beat your ass!” Now they all just sit back and shoot it with their cellphones. (Insert 3000 pretentious words on the distancing effect of modern mobile media, the disembodied self, fracturing of physical community, etc. etc. here.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Personally, I find it better that the actual actors are able to do their thing in piece; the last thing any performance artist wants is some jackass who thinks he’s funny jumping into their scene without being prompted.

      Just my two cents.

  12. Ingmar says:

    Mildly amusing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant! :)

  14. adamrice says:

    It’s like Kitty Genovese all over again. Everybody just sits there, nobody lifts a finger to help her!

    • Jack says:

      It’s like Kitty Genovese all over again. Everybody just sits there, nobody lifts a finger to help her!

      Not true! Didn’t you see everyone holding up their cell phones and cameras.

      Everyone is a passive voyeur nowadays, even if something is happening right in front of them.

      • proletariat says:

        Not true! Didn’t you see everyone holding up their cell phones and cameras.

        Clearly, they were documenting civil rights abuses unfolding before them.

      • spejic says:

        Despite being called “Improv Everywhere”, this wasn’t improv, but planned and clearly so. Nothing wrong with sitting back and letting storytellers tell their stories. Getting involved would only make things messy.

  15. Nelson.C says:

    Yeah, the passengers should have volunteered to be (dead) rebel crewmembers.

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