MC Escher panorama

Here's Nico Roig's interactive panorama, made by stitching together the edges of MC Escher's "Relativity" so that they flow psychedelically into one another in a kind of sphere.

Tribute to Escher (Thanks, Jeffrey!)


  1. How about making this into a level? For example the engine used in “Prey” was quite able to handle different gravity fields.

  2. This would be a lot cooler if I could download the image and put it in my Compiz skydome.

  3. A really nice tribute to Escher.

    If you open the map on the left and zoom in, you’ll find out that the drawing is “in” an apartment in Barcelona, Spain.

  4. Be sure to
    1. go fullscreen (button top left)
    2. right-click on the image to change the projection. try “little planet” for ultra trippiness :-)

    360 Cities

    1. The ‘Fisheye’ view actually removes some of the distortion created in the normal view as well!


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