Lunar panorama stitched from Chinese Chang'e lander images

Jeffrey sez, "Our esteemed interplanetary panorama enthusiast, Andrew Bodrov, has done it again (previously, this time being the first to stitch a 360 from the new Chinese moon lander!

Lunar panorama: Chang'e 3 lander

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Panoramic image of Curiosity Rover under Mars's night sky

Jeffrey sez, "360Cities' intrepid member Andrew Bodrov, stitching master of interplanetary awesomeness, has constructed this composite image (i.e. 'fake view') of the Curiosity Rover at night under the Milky Way. You can even see Phobos, Mars' own moon in the night sky."

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Interactive version of Curiosity's Mars panorama

Jeffrey from 360 Cities sez, "Fresh from the Rover! Our member Andrew Bodrov stitched this interactive version of the 360º photo from Mars together. Be sure to go FULLSCREEN for the maximum awesomeness."

Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2

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Panoramic images of Hiroshima after the nuclear bomb

360 Cities has a collection of 360 degree panoramas of historic photos taken in August, 1945, after the US detonated a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima, Japan. The photos are from the Hiroshima Peace Museum's collection, now loaded into 360 Cities' panorama explorer.

Hiroshima after the Atomic Bomb

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Panorama of quake damage in Rikuzen-Takada, Iwate, Japan

The 360Cities panorama site has a hair-raising pano of the earthquake damage to Rikuzen-Takada in Japan's Iwate Prefecture -- a whole town reduced to flinders and rubble.

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Enormous hi-rez panorama of a spectacular 18th century library

The 360Cities people shot a 40 gigapixel panorama of the interior of the gorgeous Strahov library, an 18th century biblioparadise in the Czech Republic. You can spend a lot of time getting lost in this image, which 360Cities claims is the largest indoor image ever shot.

Strahov Library 40 Gigapixels

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Old cockpits in 360° panorama

The 360 Cities project has gathered up high-rez panoramae of 14 old airplane cockpits that fire the imagination and bring detail to your secret pilot fantasies.

I Believe I Can Fly (14 Airplane Cockpits)

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80 gigapixel London panorama

Jeffrey from 360Cities sez, "I spent 3 days shooting, and 6 weeks stitching and editing this 80 gigapixel, fully spherical panoramic photo. Now it's up.

Ok, another big boring photo? NO. This one is cool, provocative, and fun.

We've prepared the main page in 12 languages (4 today, 8 more to come)

You can open the map and click to go to different landmarks. You can click 'take a tour' and sit back to watch yourself fly over the roofs to various random unknown places in the city.

Most exciting of all, we're having 3 competitions - no lotteries or sweepstakes, but feats of skill and cunning! The first two are treasure hunts - find the clues, and be the first to send in the answers.

The third competition is something new - I don't think anyone has done this before and I'm really excited about it: it's a storytelling competition. Using this image itself as the canvas, you'll be able to make a kind of panning, zooming cinematic tour of the city, with your own words overlaid on the image. We have holiday prizes (room nights and tours in various awesome places in the world) for the best stories."

London World Record Panoramic Photo: See Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and more than you can imagine.

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MC Escher panorama

Here's Nico Roig's interactive panorama, made by stitching together the edges of MC Escher's "Relativity" so that they flow psychedelically into one another in a kind of sphere.

Tribute to Escher

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Animated panorama of a stadium implosion -- from the inside!

Mack sez, "This is easily the single coolest video you will watch all month: Immersive Media captured the controlled-implosion death of the defunct Texas Stadium on video that can be viewed as a full 720-degree Quicktime VR Flash panorama. Spin around as the charges go off and the roof collapses around you. Giddy fun."

Stadium implosion video/QTVR

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