Jelloware: edible, biodegradable, compostable drinking cup concept

Designers at the NYC-based consultancy The Way We See The World created these fun drinking glasses from agar agar (a vegan gelatin alternative made from algae) and cast them in various colors and flavors to compliment corresponding drinks.

Image gallery here. Spotted on PSFK and Treehugger. (thanks, Laura Sweet)


  1. These are cool, but the MADEMOICELL product on the “Design” page is disturbing, at least to this manfolk.

    1. Get over it, hassenpfeffer. I’m a man and I’m down with talk of menstruation.

    2. I suspect that the MADEMOICELL product is based on a misunderstanding of science. I am not an expert, but it is my understanding that stem cells cannot be harvested in this manner. I’d welcome the input of folks who know.

  2. judging by how jello usually responds to heat, I would think these would melt in your hand.

    or no?

    1. Jack, agar agar sets at room temperature so, no melting. It -is- water soluble but iced drinks would keep the ‘cup’ from dissolving long enough for you to finish your drink.

      @Vidya. Agar Agar is not so expensive, unless you’re buying Eden organic or some yuppy brand like that. I can get a bundle the size of my head for $3 at the local Asian market.

  3. So I eat my cup and now there is a puddle of lemonade in my lap.

    How does this make my life better?

    1. I guess the same way your life is better when you eat an ice cream cone before the ice cream.

  4. I must say that the mademoicell product may cater to the needs of women, but it most definitely looks/is shaped like a drippy dong…

  5. Unfortunately, anything that can be digested by my stomach is also digestible by my drinks.

  6. As all vegans know, however, agar agar is expensive. I fear if these ever went into production, they’d use the dead-animal stuff instead.

    1. Those ‘gummy’ shot glasses are full of sugar and artificial colors and flavors, for one thing. The agar agar cups, according to the website, are not meant to be eaten but ‘dropped on the grass’ as they dissolve into plant nutrients when it rains.

  7. I think what they are trying to market to is wedding reception sort of thing. I.E. cleanup at an outdoor shindig like that produces a lot of useless plastic cups.
    It’d be neat to see if they caught on and the Uni/Sorority scene would use them. One of the biggest messes in college towns is the constant litter of plastic beer cups.
    As far as menstruation.. well. Umm… Well.. Uh. Ya know, I’m just gonna let that one go. I do kinda want to try some of that chicle soap tho.

  8. Something tells me they’re not dishwasher safe.

    I wonder how long it takes to decompose. You’d hope it would be fast considering the designers are encouraging “littering,” at least of a sort.

  9. I’d never be able to get the smell of petri dishes out of my head while I was drinking out of the things. Never ever. Everything I drank would smell/taste like bacterial colonies.


  10. Yes! Finally, an alternative to corn based greenware. Not only am I allergic to corn, but I do not want to support the corn industry. This seem like, because they’re edible, they’ll also compost must quicker.

  11. Is jelloware commercially available please? How much do they cost and what quantities can you supply?
    many thanks.

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