Typographic mustaches -- handy identification poster

A Girl Named Tor's "Field Guide to Typestaches" illustrates all the facial hair options that can be attained through clever typography. Poster for sale here.

A Field Guide to Typestaches (via Kottke)


  1. This is awesome. As a person who works in graphic design and has contemplated a fingerstache for a while now it is like a sign!

  2. How about some ‘Mr. Wingdings’?

    Mr. Comic Sans would probably be that pencil thin, over-trimmed grifter/molester mustache style.

  3. A genuine request.
    Can someone provide an answer to this?

    Actual mustaches are utterly loathed in contemporary fashion and have been for at least 12 years. So why all the interest in finger-staches? What’s it all about?

    Is it an irony thing?

  4. > Actual mustaches are utterly loathed

    They aren’t as popular as they used to be, but you still see guys wearing them. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, for instance.

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