Existential D&D comedy: when characters realize they are trapped in adolescents' imagination

Carlton Mellick, III, the king of Bizarro fiction, has a new one out -- a kind of Dungeons and Dragons meets The Matrix. The Kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2 is "an absurd comedy about a group of adventurers (elf, halfling, bard, dwarf, assassin, thief) going through an existential crisis after having discovered that they are really just pre-rolled characters living inside of a classic AD&D role playing game. While exploring the ruins of Tardis Keep, these 6 characters must deal with their inept Dungeon Master's retarded imagination and resist their horny teenaged players' commands to have sex with everything in sight. "

OUT NOW: The Kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2 [CarltonMellick.com]

The Kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2 [Amazon]

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  1. i am a sucker for bad girl apparently, as i would not mind dating the dreadlocks in the background…

  2. Brilliant, I´m sold. As a Dungeon Master (Director, Narrator or Keeper, etc.) for 17 years, I have to recognize that that sounds both familiar and utterly funny.
    Metagaming is the worst offender of the roleplayer´s capital sins.

    A-“I´m badly hurt, can you give me a Cure Heavy Wounds potion?”
    B-“No! You ate all the Cheetos while I was talking to the barman”
    A-“That was an useless NPC! You did it to get more roleplaying XPs!”
    B-“You did the same last week in Vampire”
    A-“Ok, I wield my longsword +2”
    Me-“Ok guys, roll for initiative… sigh”

  3. Ordered. I am a consumer whore. Thank you, BB, for telling me what to buy (for under $20).

    Wiki says Dead Alewives member Dan Harmon created the D&D sketch and did one of the voices. He created and is head writer for NBC’s COMMUNITY. Explains a lot!

  4. Now we just have to get a bunch of horny teenagers together and have them play this, for some meta-meta-gaming.

  5. One of the suggested adventures in the surrealist RPG Over the Edge involved the characters learning that they are just characters in a role-playing game.

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