Disturbing photo from sewing magazine

 2010 08 Knitmare Over at Submitterator, TinChicken shares this family photo from the December 91/Jan 92 issue of Threads, a magazine "for people who love to sew." Ah, where to begin...


  1. Ten bucks says that pie is made from the kidneys of a young couple whose car broke down along a remote country road.

  2. They seem to have a wizard of OZ thing going on. I clearly see Dorthy, the tin man and the cowardly lion. However, the scare crow is a little hard to make out.

    + That knit pie looks almost real.

    1. The question is where to start with the disturbing images…

      Answer? On the left, with the klan-rally ski-mask. For those who’s hate knows no climate…

  3. Wizard of Oz the whole way. Tin Man, Dorothy, Leatherface, a Cenobite, and Braveheart. L. Frank Baum would be proud of this homage.

  4. Did no one notice the resemblance to a Klan hood on the kid on the left? If it was supposed to be the Tin Man, they might have wanted to pick grey instead of white.

  5. That could be be any creepier… especially the KKK/tin man looking thing in the left corner.
    File this one under – Major Fail

  6. “What happens when you take a family from a small town existence in the Witness Protection program…”

    “Move them to New York City…”

    “And give them their own reality show?


  7. the two bottom ones look like they could be the start of a knitted old-school-style cyberman costume.

  8. I was present at the creation of that image; we all certainly thought it was seriously funny at the time, and then shuddered in horror forever after. THAT’S our legacy!?! Well, so be it; applause accepted. Hard to understand how it made it through all the review steps we had, tho…

    But what would YOU have done with those seriously crazy/amazing knitted creations? That they were creepy/funny was definitely NOT the first thing you’d think as you took them out of the box the first time (just the second thing…). Meg Swansen is a genius.

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