JetBlue angry at Epic Bail jokes

JetBlue would like you to stop making jokes about Epic Bail online, because "It only takes 1 to not get the joke" to create "a potentially confrontational place with a customer." That horse, as they say, already bolted, beer in hoof, down an inflatable escape chute. Gawker's Max Read gathered the fruits of a similarly humorless exchange on Twitter, where the same JetBlue spokesman wrings his hands at Andy Borowitz.


  1. If I were JetBlue I’d be taking full advantage of this huge amount of free publicity. I’d offer “Escape Chute” fares for those times you just need to get away. I’d also redo their safety video with an oversized piece of luggage hitting a flight attendant as an example of how to properly store your carry-ons (they should rehire Steven Slater just to make the video).

    C’mon, JetBlue, make me want to fly your airline just because you aren’t acting corporate.

  2. I can certainly see why, from a legal and business perspective, they can’t possibly appear to condone it in any way. The “concerns” really are legitimately theirs. Still, actively seeking out jokes made about it and concern trolling them seems a bit much.

  3. As I read it, they’re not asking you not to make jokes. They’re asking people not to (jokingly) suggest that you be an asshole passenger. Borowitz was being a douchebag, and deserved to get called on it.

  4. Cnoocy, we’re big boys and girls. we don’t need the jet blue joke police on our tail. if you’re offended, go elsewhere

  5. Sometimes the funniest jokes are the ones where the deserving target can only say, “Hey, that’s not funny!”

    Screw JetBlue. In their case, their taking offense DEFINITELY makes the joke funnier.

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